Boom! Ukraine Shakes as Missiles Rain Down

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Explosions heard across Ukraine amid missile attacks

Explosions were heard in several Ukrainian regions late on Friday amid Russian missile attacks, reported Xinhua, quoting local media.

In particular, blasts have rocked Ukraine's central Vinnytsia region and the western Ivano-Frankivsk region, the government-run Ukrinform news agency said.

Several explosions also rattled Ukraine's eastern city of Kharkiv, according to Mayor Ihor Terekhov.

The Ukrainian Air Force said on Telegram that Russia launched cruise missiles and aeroballistic missiles at Ukraine during the air strike.

Separately, Ukrainian Telegram channels warned that Russia was likely preparing a new missile attack on Ukraine as a group of Tu-95 strategic bombers had taken off from Olenya airfield in Russia's northwestern Murmansk region.


  1. EmilyDavis says

    These devastating missile attacks are causing chaos and fear across Ukraine. It’s heartbreaking to see the impact of such aggression on innocent civilians. The international community must come together to support Ukraine in this difficult time.

  2. EmilyJohnson says

    Do we know the targets of these missile attacks in Ukraine? Are there any casualties reported so far?

    1. DavidSmith says

      Hi EmilyJohnson, the targets of the missile attacks in Ukraine include central Vinnytsia region, western Ivano-Frankivsk region, and eastern city of Kharkiv. There have been reports of casualties in these areas, with the situation rapidly evolving. Stay safe and stay informed.

  3. EmilySmith92 says

    Could you provide more details on the impact of the missile attacks on the civilian population in these regions?

  4. AmandaSmith21 says

    It’s heartbreaking to see Ukraine facing such devastating missile attacks. My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine during these difficult times.

  5. AlexandraSmith89 says

    It’s heartbreaking to see the violence escalate in Ukraine. My thoughts are with the brave Ukrainian people during these difficult times. Let’s hope for a swift and peaceful resolution to this conflict.

  6. EmilySmith says

    “It’s heartbreaking to see Ukraine under such relentless missile attacks. The innocent civilians and communities affected by this violence deserve peace and safety. My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine during these challenging times.”

  7. Emily34 says

    It’s devastating to see the escalation of violence in Ukraine. The innocent civilians are the ones suffering the most during these missile attacks. We can only hope for a swift end to this conflict and for peace to prevail.

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