Fresh wave of strikes hits UK rail services

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Fresh wave of strikes hits UK rail services

Rail travel in the United Kingdom (UK) is set to be disrupted this week, with train drivers from 16 rail companies starting a fresh wave of strikes and overtime bans, reported Xinhua.

The train drivers, who are members of the Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen (ASLEF) trade union, began a six-day ban on non-contractual overtime on Monday, which was a bank holiday.

ASLEF members will also stage another series of rolling one-day strikes between Tuesday and Thursday, amid a long-running dispute over pay. According to ASLEF, drivers at different train operating companies will take strike action on different days.

"Drivers would not vote to strike if they thought an offer was acceptable," said Mick Whelan, ASLEF's general secretary.

The union first balloted for industrial action in the summer of 2022, with train drivers demanding salary increases amid the cost-of-living crisis. In April 2023, ASLEF rejected an offer of a 4 percent annual pay rise for two consecutive years, which also included changes in working conditions. No talks on the issue have been held since.

A spokesperson for the Rail Delivery Group said the "wholly unnecessary strike action" will not only disrupt journeys but also inflict further damage on an industry that is receiving additional taxpayer cash to keep services running, following the downturn that has occurred since the pandemic.


  1. EmilySmith123 says

    Do you think the strikes will lead to any progress in the negotiations over pay and working conditions?

    1. JamesBrown456 says

      It’s uncertain whether the strikes will directly lead to progress in negotiations, but they certainly serve as a powerful tool to push for change and show the seriousness of the issue at hand.

  2. EmmaSmith82 says

    It’s frustrating to see another round of strikes hitting UK rail services. As a frequent commuter, I rely on trains for my daily commute, and these disruptions only add more chaos to an already challenging situation. I hope both parties can come to a resolution soon to prevent further inconveniences for passengers.

  3. EmilySmith86 says

    It’s really frustrating to see more strikes affecting the rail services. The ongoing dispute over pay is causing inconvenience to passengers and damaging the industry further. I hope both sides can come to a resolution soon.

  4. Grace1990 says

    I believe that the train drivers have a valid reason to strike, especially in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis. It’s crucial for workers to receive fair compensation for their services, and if the proposed offer was deemed unacceptable by the drivers, then their decision to strike is justified. Hopefully, both parties can engage in constructive dialogue to reach a resolution that benefits all stakeholders.

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