Researchers unveil promising compound against COVID-19

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Researchers unveil promising compound against COVID-19

The University of Oulu in Finland, in collaboration with the University of Kansas and McDaniel College in the United States, has developed a compound that effectively inhibits the replication of the virus behind COVID-19.

The study unveils a potential breakthrough in combating COVID-19 and potentially other coronavirus infections, reported Xinhua, quoting a press release issued by the University of Oulu on Wednesday.

The compound named MDOLL-0229 targets a specific part of SARS-CoV-2's protein, which allows the virus to evade the cell's defense mechanisms and multiply in human cells.

Lari Lehtiö, the main author of the research article and professor of protein and structural biology at the University of Oulu, has been doing pioneering work with his colleagues in protein research for 13 years.

In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the research team led by Lehtiö began to develop compounds that inhibit the activity of the virus.

The study shows that the newly developed compound has the potential to protect against COVID-19 and other emerging coronaviruses.

However, the development of the actual medicine may still take years, as further development and clinical trials are time-consuming, said the university in the press release.

The study was recently published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.


  1. LauraJohnson91 says

    Is there any information available on the timeline for the clinical trials of this promising compound against COVID-19?

    1. LukeHarrison89 says

      Based on the press release, the University of Oulu mentioned that the development and clinical trials process for the newly developed compound may be lengthy and could potentially take years to complete. This indicates that while the compound shows promise in combating COVID-19, its journey towards becoming an actual medicine is still in the early stages. Patience and further research will be key in determining the effectiveness and safety of the compound in clinical settings.

  2. LauraSmith says

    It’s truly exciting to see the progress being made in finding a compound to combat COVID-19. The research team’s dedication and hard work are commendable. Let’s hope for a successful development and eventual availability of the medicine to help fight against this global pandemic.

  3. LindaSmith87 says

    I find the development of the compound MDOLL-0229 by the University of Oulu truly inspiring. It’s amazing to see researchers working together internationally to combat COVID-19. Let’s hope this breakthrough leads to effective treatments soon!

  4. Lisa Patterson says

    It’s amazing to see the progress in finding a potential cure for COVID-19. The development of compound MDOLL-0229 sounds like a significant milestone in combating the virus. Kudos to the researchers for their dedication and hard work!

  5. LauraSmith says

    It’s amazing to see the progress in the fight against COVID-19! The development of the MDOLL-0229 compound brings hope for the future. Kudos to the research team for their dedication and hard work in advancing medicine and safeguarding public health.

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