Finnish Parliament Gives NATO the Thumbs Up!

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The proposal was approved by a vote of 184–7.

Finnish Parliament Approves NATO Bid

The Finnish Parliament approved the government proposal on Finland’s accession to NATO on March 1, 2023.

The proposal was approved by a vote of 184–7. One null vote was cast and 7 MPs were absent. In the vote, the approval of the matter in accordance with the report of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the proposed rejection by MP Markus Mustajärvi (the Left Alliance) were opposed.

Parliament also voted on MP Mustajärvi’s proposed resolutions which were rejected.


Parliament considered the matter on the basis of the unanimous report of the Foreign Affairs Committee. The report states, for example, that NATO membership would decrease military threat to Finland.

The decision made by Parliament is announced in a parliamentary reply to the government. The speaker and the secretary-general of Parliament sign the parliamentary reply.

An Act adopted by the Parliament shall be submitted to President Sauli Niinistö for confirmation. The president shall decide on the confirmation within three months of the submission of the Act.

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  1. LauraJohnson82 says

    It’s a significant decision that will have a great impact on Finland’s security. Hopefully, this move will bring more stability and peace to the region.

  2. EmilySmith says

    How do you think Finland’s NATO membership would impact its relationships with neighboring countries?

    1. DavidJohnson says

      Finland’s NATO membership would likely strengthen its security and defense capabilities, potentially leading to improved relationships with neighboring countries. Cooperation within NATO could enhance regional stability and foster diplomatic ties across borders.

  3. LauraJohnson82 says

    It’s great to see Finland taking steps to increase its security by joining NATO. This decision will definitely have a positive impact on the country’s defense capabilities. Looking forward to seeing the further developments in this process.

  4. EmilyJohnson23 says

    How will Finland’s NATO membership impact its relationship with other neighboring countries?

    1. SarahBrown88 says

      Finland’s NATO membership will likely have positive effects on its relationship with neighboring countries, as it will strengthen security cooperation and promote stability in the region. Conclusively, NATO membership could potentially enhance Finland’s defense capabilities and contribute to increased regional security overall.

  5. MarkoJohnson says

    It is a significant step for Finland to join NATO, enhancing our security and strengthening international cooperation. The overwhelming approval from the Parliament reflects the country’s commitment to peace and stability in the region.

  6. EmilyJohnson says

    It’s a bold move for Finland to join NATO, but it seems like a necessary step to increase security and stability in the region. Let’s hope it leads to a safer future for the country.

  7. Kate Wilson says

    It’s a significant step for Finland to join NATO, and the approval by such a wide margin shows strong political support for the decision. Hopefully, this move will enhance Finland’s security and stability in the region.

  8. JennaSmith92 says

    Does Finland joining NATO mean a shift in its foreign policy strategies?

    1. MaxJohnson77 says

      Yes, Finland joining NATO signifies a significant change in its foreign policy stance. By aligning with NATO, Finland is enhancing its security measures and strengthening its international alliances. This move reflects Finland’s proactive approach towards safeguarding its national interests and promoting global security.

  9. EmmaJohnson says

    It’s a bold move for Finland to join NATO. I believe this decision will enhance the country’s security and strengthen its international alliances.

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