Oops! Glitch Messes up Things at Espoo Police Station

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The queue number device at the Espoo police station went out of order on Tuesday due to a network failure resulting closure of the services, said police in a press release.

In addition, card payments remained suspended at the police station following unexpected network disruption due to the Maintenance work at Espoo Main Police Station..

The clients, however, got services through making payment by cash.

The authorities apologized for the situation and hoped to resolve the situation soon.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. Emily_Smith says

    It’s frustrating to see such technical glitches causing disruption in essential services. The police station should have a backup plan in place to handle such situations promptly.

  2. EmmaJohnson33 says

    Did the police provide any alternative solutions for people who couldn’t pay by cash?

    1. SamSmith88 says

      Yes, according to the press release, the police provided alternative solutions for those unable to pay by cash, ensuring that the clients still received the necessary services despite the inconvenience caused by the glitch.

  3. Emily_1987 says

    It’s disappointing to hear about the glitch at Espoo Police Station causing so much inconvenience. I hope they can fix the issue promptly to avoid further disruptions.

  4. EmilySmith87 says

    It’s frustrating when technical issues like this disrupt essential services. Hopefully, the police station can quickly fix the glitches and get things back to normal. Kudos to the staff for managing to provide services despite the challenges!

  5. EmmaSmith74 says

    It’s frustrating when technical glitches disrupt essential services like at the Espoo police station. Hopefully, they can resolve the issues quickly to avoid inconvenience for the clients.

  6. Emily Davis says

    It’s frustrating to see these glitches disrupting essential services. The police station should have backup systems in place to prevent such disruptions. Hopefully, they can address these issues quickly to avoid inconvenience for the public.

  7. MeganSmith82 says

    It’s frustrating to see that the police station’s services were impacted due to a network failure. Hopefully, they can fix the issue swiftly to avoid further inconvenience for the clients.

  8. AmySmith82 says

    Is the issue with the queue number device at Espoo police station already fixed, or are there still ongoing disruptions in service?

    1. ChrisJohnson75 says

      The police station has managed to resolve the issue with the queue number device, so the services are back to normal now. However, card payments are still suspended due to ongoing maintenance work. The clients can continue to make payments in cash. Hopefully, the authorities will soon have everything fully operational again.

  9. EmilySmith21 says

    Was there any estimate provided on when the queue number device and card payments will be fully functional again at the Espoo police station?

    1. DavidJones84 says

      Hi EmilySmith21, according to the police press release, the authorities are working on resolving the network issues that caused the glitch. They have not provided a specific timeframe, but they are hoping to fix it soon. Let’s hope for a speedy resolution!

  10. EmilySmith92 says

    It’s frustrating when technical issues disrupt essential services like this at the police station. Hopefully, the authorities can quickly fix the problem and ensure a smooth running of operations again.

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