Body of 6th missing worker recovered from Baltimore bridge collapse

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Body of 6th missing worker recovered from Baltimore bridge collapse

Officials said Tuesday they have recovered the body of the sixth and final worker who has been missing after a bridge collapse in the U.S. city of Baltimore more than one month ago, reported Xinhua.

Unified Command salvage teams located the victim and promptly notified the Maryland Department of State Police. State police investigators along with officers from the Maryland Transportation Authority Police and the FBI responded to the scene and recovered the body of a sixth construction worker, according to an official statement posted online.

The victim is identified as José Mynor López, 37, of Baltimore, Maryland, said the statement.

"With heavy hearts, today marks a significant milestone in our recovery efforts and providing closure to the loved ones of the six workers who lost their lives in this tragic event," said Colonel Roland L. Butler, Jr., Superintendent of the Maryland Department of State Police, in the statement.

The 2.6-km-long Francis Scott Key Bridge, a major bridge that held Interstate 695, collapsed on March 26 after being hit by a large container ship, which experienced a power failure before the collision.

Eight people initially went into the water after the incident occurred and two of them were rescued from the Patapsco River, with one in critical condition.

The six individuals who went missing, all road maintenance workers, were reportedly on the bridge repairing potholes. They were all presumed dead after the U.S. Coast Guard suspended days of search and rescue efforts.


  1. Alyssa Smith says

    It’s truly heartbreaking to hear about the recovery of the last worker from the bridge collapse in Baltimore. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims. May they find strength and support during this difficult time.

  2. EmilyJohnson says

    Was there any indication of safety concerns related to the bridge prior to the collapse?

    1. JohnSmith says

      Yes, reports have surfaced indicating that there were previous safety concerns about the bridge’s structural integrity before the collapse. It’s a tragic situation that could have potentially been prevented with proper maintenance and inspections.

  3. Emily Thompson says

    Such a heartbreaking tragedy. My thoughts are with the families of the victims during this difficult time.

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