German athletes scoring Olympic, Paralympic gold to bag sweet €20,000

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German athletes to get €20,000 for Olympic, Paralympic gold

Germany's Sports Aid Foundation will dish out €2.1 million in bonuses for successful athletes at this summer's Paris Olympics and Paralympics, reported dpa.

The foundation said in a statement on Wednesday, 100 days before the Paris opening ceremony, that gold medallists will receive €20,000, silver medallists €15,000 and bronze medallists €10,000.

Athletes placed fourth to eighth at the Olympics and Paralympics will also receive smaller sums.

Set up in 1967, the foundation is financed solely through the private sector without any public funds. It said that it is supporting German athletes with €23 million overall in 2024, with €3.5 million going to Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

"The focus of Sports Aid funding is on the continuous and holistic support for Germany's best young and top athletes," said Karin Orgeldinger, a foundation board member.

"Nevertheless, it is important to us that the planned Olympic bonuses also honour and, above all, appreciate the top performances achieved in connection with the long and intensive training and the many challenges."

Up to now, sports federations have not dished out prize money at Olympic Games. But World Athletics have announced that Paris Games winners in their sport will got $50,000 each, with silver and bronze medallists to be added 2028 in Los Angeles.

The Paris Olympics are July 26-August 11, and the Paralympics August 28-September 8.


  1. Samantha_1989 says

    Do you think other countries should also provide financial bonuses to their successful athletes like Germany does?

    1. Alexander1985 says

      As a former athlete myself, I believe that financial bonuses for successful athletes are a great way to motivate and support their hard work. It not only recognizes their achievements but also helps them pursue their dreams and continue representing their country at the highest level. Every athlete deserves this kind of recognition and support, regardless of their nationality.

  2. KateJohnson45 says

    It’s great to see German athletes being rewarded for their dedication and hard work with these bonuses. Financial support like this can make a significant difference in their training and preparation. Kudos to the Sports Aid Foundation for recognizing and valuing their achievements!

  3. EmilySmith says

    I think it’s great that German athletes will be receiving bonuses for their achievements at the Olympics and Paralympics. It’s important to recognize and reward their hard work and dedication. I hope this motivates them to perform their best in Paris!

  4. EmilySmith_83 says

    I believe it’s fantastic to see the Sports Aid Foundation recognizing the hard work and dedication of German athletes. Providing financial rewards for their success not only acknowledges their achievements but also supports their ongoing development. This initiative will surely motivate athletes to strive for excellence and inspire the younger generation to pursue their athletic dreams.

  5. SophiaJohnson says

    I think it’s fantastic that German athletes are being rewarded for their hard work and dedication with such significant bonuses. It’s crucial to acknowledge and support the immense effort they put into their training and performances. This initiative by the Sports Aid Foundation shows a genuine commitment to valuing and honoring the achievements of these athletes.

  6. EmilySmith21 says

    Do the bonuses for Olympic and Paralympic athletes vary based on the country they represent?

    1. JohnDoe12 says

      Yes, the bonuses for Olympic and Paralympic athletes can vary depending on the country they represent. Each country or sports federation may have its own reward system in place for successful athletes, with some offering higher bonuses than others based on their financial capabilities and priorities.

  7. Emily123 says

    I think it’s great that German athletes are being rewarded for their hard work and dedication with these bonuses. It shows recognition for their outstanding performances and the support they receive is well-deserved. This will surely motivate them to push even harder and achieve more success in the future.

  8. EmilySmith_89 says

    I think it’s great that the German athletes are being rewarded for their hard work and dedication with these bonuses. It’s a nice gesture to acknowledge their achievements and support them in their journey towards success. Such initiatives help motivate athletes to strive for excellence and bring pride to their country.

  9. SophieSmith_82 says

    Will athletes from other countries also receive similar bonus amounts at the Paris Olympics and Paralympics?

  10. Emily88 says

    Will athletes from other countries receive similar bonuses at the Paris Olympics and Paralympics, or is this a unique initiative by Germany?

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