Politician attacked amid series of violence in Germany

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Politician attacked amid series of violence in Germany

Berlin's Senator for Economic Affairs Franziska Giffey has become the latest victim in a series of violent attacks against politicians in Germany, reported Xinhua.

A suspected man was provisionally arrested on Wednesday.

While visiting a library in the German capital on Tuesday, Giffey was injured by an "attack from behind with a bag filled with hard contents and hit on the head and neck," the public prosecutor's office in Berlin said.

After brief treatment in hospital, Giffey continued her appointments under personal protection. The attack could not be justified, said the politician, expressing concern about violence against politically engaged people.

Attacks on politicians in Germany have gone up. In the past few days, there have been several attacks against politicians, including a candidate for the upcoming European elections, who suffered fractures to his face.

The interior ministers of the German states met on Tuesday to address measures.

On Sunday, thousands of people gathered across the country to condemn attacks on politicians, particularly in Dresden and Berlin.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. EmmaSmith92 says

    It’s appalling to see such violent attacks targeting politicians in Germany. The safety of our political leaders should be a top priority, and these incidents must be strongly condemned. I hope measures are put in place to prevent such senseless acts in the future.

  2. EmmaSmith93 says

    It’s truly disheartening to see the rise in violence against politicians in Germany. We should all stand united against such senseless acts and support those who are working towards a better future for our society.

  3. EmmaSmith98 says

    It is truly alarming to see a rise in violence targeting politicians in Germany. Franziska Giffey’s attack is a stark reminder of the growing threats faced by those in public service. We must all work towards a society where such incidents are not accepted.

  4. EmmaJones_89 says

    Was the suspect behind the attack on Senator Giffey identified or is the investigation still ongoing?

  5. EmmaSmith_87 says

    It’s truly disturbing to see the rise in violence against politicians in Germany. These senseless attacks threaten the fabric of our society and must be vehemently condemned. My thoughts are with Senator Franziska Giffey and all those who have been targeted unjustly.

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