Ahoy! Helsinki Port Welcomes the 1st Cruise Ship of the Season

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Season´s 1st Int´l cruise ship arrives at Helsinki Port

The 2024 cruising season will be kicked off by the MS Borealis, which is due to arrive at Hernesaari on Friday, said the Port of Helsinki in a press release on Thursday.

Ninety-nine vessel calls have been booked in advance in Helsinki this season.

Ship occupancy rates are expected to be good, with 180,000 cruise ship passengers due to visit the city.

Another new development of the season is the water bus quay built by the Port of Helsinki at Hernesaari, intended for water bus entrepreneurs serving international cruise ship passengers.

A total of 13 calls will also involve overnight stays in Helsinki.

The busiest cruising day of the summer looks to be on July 11, when three international cruise ships will be docked in Helsinki.

This year offers an unusually long cruising season, with the last call scheduled for December 20.

“The normal cruising season ends in October, but after that we have a call scheduled from a vessel specialising in winter cruises – the MS Le Commandant Charcot. It offers smaller groups of travellers wintery exoticism and a modern luxury polar cruise by touring northern cruising destinations. The vessel is also well equipped for navigating ice – its ice class is so high that it is practically an icebreaker,” said Harbour Master Staffan Teromaa.

“This will not be the first winter cruise in the Baltic, and it is a trend that we welcome. These kinds of cruises mean that vessel calls are more evenly spaced out and not concentrated just in the summer months,” Teromaa added.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. Alexa_1987 says

    Will the MS Le Commandant Charcot be offering any special excursions during its winter cruises?

    1. AidenSmith_1975 says

      Yes, Alexa_1987! The MS Le Commandant Charcot will indeed offer special excursions during its winter cruises. Passengers can enjoy unique experiences such as polar bear watching, glacier hikes, and even Northern Lights tours. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore the Arctic in style!

  2. EmilySmith says

    It’s exciting to see the 2024 cruising season kick off with the arrival of MS Borealis in Helsinki! With 99 vessel calls and 180,000 passengers expected, it promises to be a bustling season. The idea of winter cruises with MS Le Commandant Charcot sounds intriguing, offering a unique experience for travelers seeking wintery exoticism. Looking forward to more diverse cruising options in the region!

  3. EmmaJohnson123 says

    It’s great to see the cruising season kicking off with the arrival of MS Borealis in Helsinki! The city is ready to welcome 180,000 cruise ship passengers and the new water bus quay will enhance the experience for visitors. Looking forward to a busy but exciting summer season ahead.

  4. EmmaWatson_84 says

    As a travel enthusiast, I’m excited to see the MS Borealis kick off the cruising season in Helsinki! The development of the water bus quay is a great addition, making it easier for international cruise ship passengers to explore the city. Looking forward to a successful and diverse cruising season ahead.

  5. EmilySmith23 says

    Exciting news about the start of the cruising season in Helsinki! It’s great to see the MS Borealis leading the way. Looking forward to welcoming all the cruise ship passengers to our beautiful city!

  6. AmySmith72 says

    Will there be any special events or festivities planned for the arrival of MS Borealis, or is it just a regular docking?

    1. JackJohnson89 says

      There will indeed be special events and festivities planned for the arrival of MS Borealis! The Port of Helsinki is preparing a celebratory welcome with music, dance performances, and local food offerings to greet the first cruise ship of the season in a festive manner.

  7. EmilySmith says

    As a frequent cruiser, I am thrilled to hear about the start of the cruising season in Helsinki. The variety of ships and new developments, like the water bus quay, make me excited to plan a trip to visit the city. The addition of winter cruises, particularly with the MS Le Commandant Charcot, sounds like a unique and adventurous experience. Can’t wait to explore Helsinki from the deck of a ship!

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