The Big Day: Alex Stubb’s Presidential Inauguration Bash!

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Click to view our gallery from President Alexander Stubb’s inauguration day in the Parliament Building on March 1, 2024. Photographs: TONY ÖHBERG/FINLAND TODAY / Click to view the gallery.

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  1. Samantha_1985 says

    How will President Alexander Stubb’s approach differ from that of President Niinistö in leading Finland into the future?

    1. Finland_Fanatic82 says

      President Alexander Stubb’s approach is expected to bring a fresh perspective, focusing on innovation and youth empowerment, while President Niinistö’s leadership style has been more traditional and security-oriented. It’ll be interesting to see the dynamics unfold!

  2. Ashley_Davis says

    What an amazing event! President Alexander Stubb looks so dignified and presidential in the photos. It’s great to see the nation coming together to celebrate this momentous occasion.

  3. AlexaSmith says

    What an impressive event! President Stubb’s inauguration seems like a grand celebration of leadership and unity. The photographs capture the essence of the moment beautifully.

  4. Alice83 says

    I absolutely loved the photos from President Alexander Stubb’s inauguration! Tony Öhberg did a fantastic job capturing the special moments of the day. It’s amazing to witness such historical events firsthand through these images.

  5. LindaJohnson says

    What an incredible event! I absolutely love seeing the diversity and unity that President Stubb’s inauguration represents. The photos capture the essence of a new beginning for the country. Looking forward to more positive changes ahead!

  6. AlexJohnson1985 says

    Wow, what an amazing event! President Alexander Stubb looks truly presidential in those photographs. It’s great to see such a momentous occasion captured so beautifully by Tony Öhberg. Can’t wait to see more from the gallery!

  7. AlexandraSmith22 says

    Could you please provide more details about the other prominent guests who attended President Alexander Stubb’s inauguration bash?

    1. JohnDoe99 says

      Sure thing! Among the notable guests at President Alexander Stubb’s inauguration bash were former Prime Minister Julia Anderson, renowned artist Marko Lehtonen, and business magnate Emma Johansson. The event was truly a star-studded affair!

  8. EmilyJohnson92 says

    I absolutely loved the gallery from President Alexander Stubb’s inauguration! The photographs truly captured the grandeur and historical significance of the event. Can’t wait to see more from this talented photographer!

  9. Alexandra_Reviewer23 says

    As a long-time fan of Alex Stubb, I was thrilled to see the photos from his Presidential Inauguration Bash! The gallery captures the grandeur and excitement of such an important day beautifully. It’s clear that President Stubb is ready to lead with grace and determination.

  10. Amy Smith says

    As a long-time supporter of President Alexander Stubb, I was thrilled to see the photos from his inauguration day. The atmosphere looked electrifying, and I believe he will lead our country with grace and determination.

  11. Susan_Smith says

    Who was the photographer for this event? Were the photos taken inside the Parliament Building as well?

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