Tuchel Throws Shade at Bayern’s Defender Kim – What’s His Deal?

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Tuchel criticizes Bayern defender Kim

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel said that Minjae Kim was "too greedy twice" in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid, reported dpa.

The defender was to blame for the two goals from the opponents on Tuesday.

Madrid broke the deadlock after goalscorer Vinicius Junior and Toni Kross, who provided the assist, took Kim by surprise.

"He made the first move too early against Vinicius in the first goal and got caught by Toni Kroos' pass. He speculated and was too aggressive," Tuchel said.

Bayern turned the game around and made it 2-1, but the defender brought down Rodrygo in the box and Vinicius converted the penalty.

"In the second goal, unfortunately it was another mistake. We were 5 against 2, we had the numbers. There was no need to defend that aggressively against Rodrygo," the coach added.

Kim moved from Napoli to Bayern last summer for around €50 million ($53.3 million). He was included in the starting line-up after Matthijs de Ligt got injured.

Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer defended his team-mate, saying that "mistakes happen, it's part of football."

"It doesn't mean he'll perform badly in the next games. It wasn't all bad today either – he played very well in parts today. But in some crucial moments, he perhaps didn't make the right decisions," the Bayern captain said.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. MaggieJohnson82 says

    Do you think Tuchel’s criticism of Kim was justified, or was it too harsh considering it was his first Champions League semi-final?

    1. MaxTaylor74 says

      I feel Tuchel’s criticism of Kim was fair. In high-stake matches like this, every mistake gets magnified. It’s part of the game, and Kim will learn from it.

  2. EmilySmith says

    It seems like Kim was a bit too aggressive in his defending, leading to costly mistakes in the match. Hopefully, he learns from this and improves in the upcoming games. Neuer’s words of support show the team spirit they have at Bayern.

  3. Emily_SportsFan says

    Kim seems to have had a rough game, but it happens to the best of them. Hopefully, he can learn from these mistakes and come back stronger next time. Neuer’s right, everybody makes errors sometimes.

  4. EmilySmith says

    It seems like Kim had a tough game, with some costly mistakes. Hopefully, he will learn from this and come back stronger in the next match. Mistakes are part of the game, after all.

  5. EmmaSmith123 says

    Do you think Minjae Kim’s aggressive defending style was a major factor in Bayern’s loss against Real Madrid? Was it a tactical error or just unlucky decisions?

  6. EmilySmith_22 says

    I believe Tuchel’s criticism of Kim is justified. Defense requires precision and composure, especially in crucial moments like the Champions League semi-final. Kim’s mistakes were costly, but I hope he learns from them and improves in the upcoming games.

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