Interior Minister Rantanen: Time to Gear Up for Tighter Rules Along the Eastern Border!

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So far, it has not been decided in what concrete way border crossings will be restricted. But options are available.

Minister of the Interior Rantanen: Preparations for Restrictive Measures on the Eastern Border Will Begin

“Last week, 71 asylum seekers arrived at the eastern border in southeastern Finland without proper documents,” Colonel Mikko Lehmus the head of the Border Guard’s Situation and Risk Analysis Center, said at a press conference on Tuesday. About 60 asylum seekers arrived between Monday and Tuesday morning.

The Ministry of the Interior will start preparing restrictive measures for the eastern border. The government is ready to use all means allowed by law,” Mari Rantanen (Finns), the minister of the interior, said at the press conference.

The law gives Finland the option either to close down border crossings or to concentrate asylum applications in a single location. The Ministry of the Interior will now prepare a proposal for a decision at the government plenary session. According to Rantanen, the proposal will be prepared “as soon as possible.”


If the “less drastic measures,” according to Minister Rantanen, do not work, it is possible to “move on to more drastic ones.”

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In the past, Rantanen stressed, that Russia did not allow undocumented travelers to continue to Finnish border crossings, but in recent months Russia’s policy has changed.

According to Colonel Lehmus, the “profile” of those entering the border has changed since the summer. Whereas before there were a lot of Ukrainians and Russians coming to the border, now there are people from the Middle East and Africa. According to Lehmus, Somalia, Iraq and Yemen are the main countries of origin.

For now, nobody wants to speculate on the reason.

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  1. Emma_1984 says

    Will the restrictive measures on the eastern border affect the movement of regular travelers?

    1. JohnSmith90 says

      Yes, Emma_1984, the restrictive measures on the eastern border may indeed impact the movement of regular travelers. While the specific details have not been finalized yet, there is a possibility that border crossings could be affected or certain procedures may be implemented that could lead to potential delays for regular travelers. It is important to stay updated on the developments regarding these measures to better understand their potential impact.

  2. EmilyJohnson says

    I believe Minister Rantanen is taking the necessary steps to secure the eastern border. It is crucial to control immigration flows and ensure the safety of the country.

  3. Maria Smith says

    It is crucial to address the issue of undocumented travelers arriving at the eastern border promptly and effectively. Minister Rantanen’s proactive approach in preparing restrictive measures demonstrates determination in ensuring border security.

  4. Maria Smith says

    It’s crucial to secure the eastern border and take necessary measures to control asylum seekers’ influx. The government must act swiftly to address this issue.

  5. Mary Smith says

    It’s high time we tighten the rules along the eastern border! If the “less drastic measures” don’t work, it’s crucial to move on to more drastic actions. Let’s prioritize our national security and protect our borders efficiently.

  6. Mary White says

    It is crucial to tighten the rules along the eastern border to control unauthorized border crossings. The government should act swiftly and decisively in implementing necessary measures to protect national security.

  7. Mary Johnson says

    It’s important to prioritize security along the eastern border as the number of asylum seekers without proper documents is increasing. The government should take decisive action to address this issue promptly.

  8. Maria Smith says

    It’s crucial to prioritize national security, and I fully support Minister Rantanen’s efforts to tighten rules along the eastern border. We need to take action before the situation escalates further.

  9. Maria White says

    It’s high time we tightened the rules along the eastern border to ensure proper documentation and security. If the current measures don’t suffice, we should definitely consider more drastic actions. Safety should always be the top priority.

  10. Maria Smith says

    It is crucial to tighten the rules along the eastern border to maintain security. The government should take decisive action to prevent undocumented arrivals and protect the country’s borders.

  11. EmmaSmith67 says

    It’s high time to strengthen border regulations along the eastern border. If the current measures are not effective, more stringent actions should be taken. Safety and security should be the top priorities!

  12. Emily Johnson says

    It’s imperative that stricter measures are put in place along the eastern border to prevent undocumented arrivals. The government must act swiftly to protect national security.

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