Bayern Munich Comes Knocking on Coach Rangnick’s Door!

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Coach Rangnick has Bayern Munich offer

Ralf Rangnick has an offer from Bayern Munich to become their new coach, Austrian federation ÖFB sporting director Peter Schöttel has said, reported dpa.

Rangnick, who is Austrian national team coach on a contract until 2026, has confirmed that Bayern had contacted him.

Schöttel went one step further by telling public broadcasters ORF that Rangnick informed him and OFB president Klaus Mitterdorfer of an offer on Wednesday.

"If a club like Bayern Munich makes an approach it is understandable that the think about the interest of this club," Schöttel said.

Rangnick, 65, has emerged as favourite for the Bayern job in succession of Thomas Tuchel after Xabi Alonso from Bundesliga champions Bayer Leverkusen and German national team coach Julian Nagelsmann said they were staying in their current positions.

Former Schalke and RB Leipzig coach Rangnick, who also had an interim spell at Manchester United, has led Austria to this summer's Euros in Germany where they face France, the Netherlands and Poland in a difficult group stage.

Schöttel said the ÖFB expects Rangnick to be their coach at the Euros and at the same time called for a timely decision on his future within "one or two weeks.

"We are close to the European Championship where we have big goals. Of course there will also be a deadline from Bayern Munich because they also want to be informed," Schöttel said.

"We have maintained a very trusting relationship over the past two years. We will continue to do so. Depending on the direction his decision takes, we will discuss together how to proceed."

Bayern board member for sport Max Eberl has said the club wants a coach for the longer term and that the new man was to be presented as soon as possible.


  1. EmilySmith says

    It’s interesting to see Ralf Rangnick considering the offer from Bayern Munich. If he decides to take up the position, it could bring some exciting changes to the team’s dynamics. Looking forward to seeing how this unfolds!

  2. Emily_1987 says

    Ralf Rangnick seems like a well-respected coach and it’s no surprise that Bayern Munich would be interested in him. If he decides to take on the role, it could bring some exciting changes to the team’s dynamics. Looking forward to seeing how this situation unfolds!

  3. EmilyDavis_27 says

    As a football fan, I think Rangnick would be a great choice for Bayern Munich. It’s important for clubs like that to consider experienced coaches with a proven track record. Looking forward to seeing how this potential move unfolds!

  4. Megan_84 says

    I think it’s understandable that Rangnick is considering Bayern Munich’s offer. Coaching such a prestigious club could be a fantastic opportunity for him. However, I hope he makes a decision that is best for both him and the Austrian national team.

  5. EmilyJohnson says

    Is Ralf Rangnick considering leaving his role as the Austrian national team coach to join Bayern Munich as their new coach?

    1. MaxAdams says

      Yes, Ralf Rangnick has confirmed that Bayern Munich contacted him regarding their coaching position. It seems he is seriously considering the offer, given the significance of Bayern Munich’s interest in him.

  6. EmilyJones42 says

    As a Bayern Munich fan, I would love to see Rangnick take on the role of the new coach. His experience and tactical knowledge could bring great success to the team. It’s understandable that he’s considering the offer, and I hope he makes a decision that’s best for both him and Bayern Munich.

  7. Emily1987 says

    Do you think Rangnick will accept the offer from Bayern Munich and leave his position as the Austrian national team coach right before the Euros?

  8. RachelSmith says

    As an avid football fan, I believe that Rangnick should consider Bayern Munich’s offer seriously. It’s a fantastic opportunity for him to showcase his coaching skills at a top club like Bayern. I hope he makes the decision that is best for his career.

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