Russia responsible for cyber attack on German governing party

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Russia responsible for cyber attack on German governing party

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock on Friday said Berlin blames a unit of the Russian military intelligence service GRU for a 2023 cyber attack on the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD), reported dpa.

"Russian state hackers attacked Germany in cyberspace," Baerbock said in Adelaide during a visit to Australia, adding there would be consequences.

In June 2023 the SPD, the dominant party in Germany's ruling coalition, said that email accounts belonging to its executive had been the target of a cyber attack earlier that year.

According to the SPD, this was made possible by a security vulnerability in software which was not known at the time of the attack. "It cannot be ruled out that data was leaked from individual email inboxes," a SPD spokesperson said.

According to Baerbock, the German government's investigation into the matter, led by the Foreign Office, has now been concluded.

"We can now clearly attribute this attack from last year to the APT28 group, which is controlled by the Russian secret service GRU," said Baerbock. "This is completely unacceptable and will not be without consequences."


  1. SarahHacker says

    It’s not surprising that Russia is being held responsible for this cyber attack. It’s crucial for countries to take strong measures against such violations of cyber security to prevent future attacks.

  2. AnnePeters says

    Do you think diplomatic actions will be enough to deter future cyber attacks from Russia, or should stronger measures be taken?

    1. PeterJohnson says

      Stronger measures must be taken to deter future cyber attacks from Russia. Diplomatic actions alone have not been effective in curbing their malicious activities in cyberspace.

  3. Sarah304 says

    Is there any information on how the German government plans to respond to this cyber attack by Russia?

  4. JuliaSmith89 says

    It’s alarming to see the extent of cyber attacks by state actors. Germany’s response to hold Russia accountable is crucial for upholding cybersecurity standards globally.

  5. Emily Smith says

    It is truly concerning to see the increasing cyber threats originating from state-sponsored actors. It’s important for governments to take strong actions against such aggressions to ensure the safety and security of their citizens and institutions. Hopefully, robust measures will be taken to prevent future attacks and hold responsible parties accountable.

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