Man Utd in Talks with Bayern Coach Tuchel

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Bayern coach Tuchel holds talks with Man Utd

Bayern Munich departing coach Thomas Tuchel had initial talks with Manchester United, according to the Kicker sports magazine, reported dpa.

The report said that United co-owner James Ratcliffe has enquired about Tuchel in the event current head coach Erik ten Hag is sacked. Tuchel, however, wants to focus on the remaining games with Bayern.

Tuchel will leave Bayern this summer, after a season in which they exited the German Cup in the second round and had their Bundesliga reign ended by Bayer Leverkusen.

Bayern's last hope for silverware this season is the Champions League. In the semi-finals, they will face Real Madrid.

Tuchel stressed that he won't change his mind, while Bayern are yet to find a new coach.

"I have an agreement with the club, which has been communicated and finalized," he recently said.

Ten Hag, meanwhile, hasn't fulfilled expectations at United. Currently seventh in the Premier League, the team risks ending the season without a spot for the Champions League.


  1. EmilySmith says

    It’s crucial for Bayern to maintain stability during this transition. Tuchel’s focus on the remaining games shows his commitment, which is what the team needs now.

  2. Emily_1985 says

    In my opinion, Thomas Tuchel should prioritize his commitment to Bayern Munich and focus on the remaining games with the team before considering any potential offers from Manchester United. It’s important for coaches to honor their agreements with their current clubs, especially during critical moments like the Champions League semi-finals. Erik ten Hag’s situation at United also emphasizes the challenges coaches face in meeting expectations and securing top positions in competitive leagues.

  3. EmmaWilliams91 says

    I think Tuchel’s decision to prioritize Bayern’s remaining games over talks with Manchester United shows his commitment to his current team. It’s important for a coach to focus on his current responsibilities until the season is over before considering other opportunities.

  4. EmilySmith85 says

    It’s admirable that Tuchel is staying committed to Bayern Munich and focusing on the remaining games despite the tempting offer from Manchester United. Loyalty is a rare trait in modern football.

  5. EmilySmith89 says

    Is Tuchel the right choice for Manchester United, given Bayern Munich’s recent performance under his coaching? Will his focus on the remaining games impact his potential move to United?

    1. MichaelJohnson72 says

      I believe Tuchel’s proven track record and tactical acumen make him a suitable candidate for Manchester United. While Bayern’s recent underperformance is concerning, it doesn’t diminish Tuchel’s capabilities. His commitment to seeing out the remaining games with Bayern showcases his professionalism and dedication, qualities that can benefit United if he joins. It’s essential for him to focus on the task at hand, ensuring a strong finish for Bayern before potentially transitioning to United.

  6. EmilySmith82 says

    I believe Thomas Tuchel’s commitment to finishing the season with Bayern despite Manchester United’s interest speaks volumes about his professionalism and loyalty to his current team. It’s refreshing to see a coach prioritize his current responsibilities before considering any future opportunities.

  7. JessicaSmith87 says

    Will Tuchel’s focus on remaining games affect potential talks with Manchester United?

    1. JohnDavis92 says

      It’s unlikely that Tuchel’s focus on the remaining games will affect potential talks with Manchester United. The discussions seem to be at an early stage, and if both parties are interested, they can certainly find a way to balance priorities.

  8. LindaJohnson82 says

    Is Tuchel the right fit for Manchester United, considering his current commitment to Bayern Munich?

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