“No Madrid, No Play This Week!” Raves Nadal

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If it wasn't Madrid, I wouldn't be playing this week: Nadal

Rafael Nadal admitted on the eve of his debut in the Madrid Open tennis tournament that he is still short of full fitness as he continues his 'goodbye' season, reported Xinhua.

"The week has been good in some respects. I don't think I'm ready to play at 100%, but I think I'm ready to go out and play tomorrow," Nadal told the press, although he admitted he probably "wouldn't play," if he wasn't in Madrid.

The former world number one has been training in the Spanish capital since his second-round defeat in Barcelona last week, when he suffered a hip injury.

"If it was Paris, I would not go on court. That's the reality and that is why I want to try and go out and play, because I want to try to go and play and feel good," continued Nadal, who has his sights set on a final appearance at the French Open.

"I am going to do the things I have to do to be able to play Paris. I want to try to go out and play in Paris and feel capable of competing well," the Spaniard continued, although he insisted world "wouldn't end" if he can't play in Roland Garros.

"I also have the Olympic Games," he added.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. Mia2021 says

    Would Nadal consider skipping the Madrid Open if he wasn’t in Madrid? Is his focus primarily on preparing for the French Open?

    1. EmmaSmith86 says

      If it were anywhere other than Madrid, Nadal might rethink playing. He seems to be prioritizing his fitness for the French Open, aiming for a good performance there.

  2. Maria_Sanchez says

    As a huge fan of Nadal, I truly admire his determination and love for the game. It’s inspiring to see him push through despite not being at his best physically. Madrid is lucky to have him this week!

  3. Emily_1987 says

    Would Nadal still participate in the French Open if he didn’t feel fully fit, or would he consider skipping it like he did with other tournaments?

    1. Pablo.Smith says

      Hi Emily_1987, from Nadal’s recent statements, it seems like he is determined to participate in the French Open even if he is not at 100% fitness. He mentioned that he wants to give it a try and feel capable of competing well. However, he also acknowledged that he wouldn’t push himself if it was a different tournament like Paris. Let’s hope he can recover and be ready for a thrilling performance at the French Open!

  4. Rebecca91 says

    It’s understandable that Nadal is not at 100% fitness, but his determination to play despite the challenges is admirable. Hopefully, he can recover well and have a strong performance in Paris and beyond. The tennis world supports him!

  5. Carolina85 says

    It’s admirable to see Nadal’s determination and commitment to overcome his injury and compete in the Madrid Open. His focus on getting back to full fitness for the French Open shows his true sportsmanship and passion for the game. Wishing him a speedy recovery and success in his upcoming tournaments!

  6. RachelTennisFan says

    I really admire Nadal’s determination and passion for the sport. It’s inspiring to see him pushing through despite not being at his peak fitness. Looking forward to cheering him on in Madrid and hopefully witnessing another epic performance!

  7. RafaNadalFan21 says

    As a long-time fan of Rafael Nadal, I am thrilled to see him pushing through despite his fitness concerns. His determination to compete in Madrid and prepare for the French Open is truly inspiring. Vamos Rafa!

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