Max Verstappen Nails Exciting Win in Shanghai F1 Sprint, Keeping Fans on the Edge of Their Seats!

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Verstappen wins enthralling Shanghai F1 Sprint

Red Bull's Max Verstappen rose from fourth on the grid to take victory in Saturday's entertaining 2024 F1 S race in Shanghai.

Verstappen had started only fourth after an error in yesterday's wet qualifying session, and spent the opening laps of the S in third, at one point complaining to his team about a lack of battery power.

However, the Dutchman soon found his rhythm, closing up on and passing Aston Martin's Fernando Alonso for second on lap 7, before disposing of Lewis Hamilton for the lead two laps later after the Briton had lost time running wide at the Turn 15 hairpin.

From then on, Verstappen was not unduly troubled and ultimately crossed the line 13 seconds ahead of Mercedes' Hamilton.

"The first few laps were quite hectic, they were pushing quite hard at front, and I had Carlos behind with new tyres so it was very difficult initially," said Verstappen afterwards.

"But we became stronger and I felt more comfortable with the balance of the car as well, and I could look after my tyres, so very pleased with that."

Behind the top two, Verstappen's teammate Sergio Perez took third place after several laps of close racing between himself, Alonso and the two Ferraris of Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc.

Alonso had been third and was defending from Sainz when the two touched, allowing Perez to vault past both of them and landing Alonso with a puncture, after which Aston Martin directed the Spaniard to retire his car.

Leclerc and Sainz ultimately took fourth and fifth, with Leclerc seemingly unhappy that his teammate had run him off the road at Turn 15.

Polesitter Lando Norris salvaged sixth for McLaren, after having lost several places at the first corner as he ran off track defending from Hamilton, with Norris' teammate Oscar Piastri ultimately taking seventh.

George Russell took eighth and the final points place for Mercedes, with local hero Zhou Guanyu falling agonizingly short of points in his Sauber with ninth place.

Following the S, Verstappen still leads the Drivers' Championship with 85 points. Perez remains second on 70, with Leclerc third on 64 points.

In the Constructors' Championship, Red Bull's total now stands at 155 points. Ferrari is second on 129, with McLaren third on 74 points.

With the dust having settled on the S race, attention now turns to the main qualifying session later on Saturday, which will determine the starting grid for Sunday's Chinese Grand Prix.


  1. EmilyRacer92 says

    Verstappen’s performance in the Shanghai F1 Sprint was truly phenomenal. He skillfully navigated through a challenging starting position to secure a well-deserved victory. His strategic overtaking maneuvers demonstrated his prowess on the track.

  2. JennaSmith says

    Was Verstappen able to maintain his lead till the end of the race despite the initial battery power issues he faced?

    1. MaxVeeFan92 says

      Yes, Max Verstappen was able to maintain his lead till the end of the race despite the initial battery power issues he faced. Verstappen showed great skill and composure to overcome the challenges and secure a dominant victory in Shanghai.

  3. EmilySmith_87 says

    I think Verstappen’s performance was outstanding in the Shanghai F1 Sprint. He showed great skill and determination to come from fourth to first, managing the race beautifully. It was a thrilling race to watch!

  4. EmmaSmith88 says

    Verstappen showed great determination and skill in climbing up the grid and securing the win. It’s always exciting to see unexpected turns in F1 races like this!

  5. Emma_Racer says

    Max Verstappen’s performance in the Shanghai F1 Sprint was impeccable! It’s thrilling to see him surge ahead and secure the win, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. His strategic overtaking maneuvers and control of the race displayed true racing prowess. A well-deserved victory for him and the Red Bull team.

  6. LindaMiller says

    Max Verstappen delivered an impressive performance in the Shanghai F1 Sprint, showcasing superb skills on the track and captivating the audience till the end. It’s thrilling to see such fierce competition among top drivers!

  7. Emily2010 says

    Could you provide more details on how Max Verstappen managed to close up on and pass Fernando Alonso for second place during the F1 Sprint in Shanghai?

    1. LilyJohnson says

      Hi Emily2010, Max Verstappen closed up on and passed Fernando Alonso for second place during the F1 Sprint in Shanghai by showcasing exceptional driving skills and strategic overtaking maneuvers. Despite starting in fourth position, Verstappen quickly adapted to the race conditions, finding his rhythm and taking advantage of the opportunities presented on the track. His determination and focus allowed him to successfully make the crucial pass on Alonso, ultimately securing a remarkable second place finish. It was a thrilling moment that highlighted Verstappen’s talent and competitive spirit on the racing circuit.

  8. EmmaSmith says

    Max Verstappen’s performance was simply outstanding in the Shanghai F1 Sprint! He showed great skill and determination in climbing up the ranks and securing a well-deserved victory. It was truly an exhilarating race that kept fans on the edge of their seats.

  9. EmmaSmith23 says

    Max Verstappen did a fantastic job in the Shanghai F1 Sprint race! The way he overtook his competitors and controlled the race was truly impressive. It’s always thrilling to watch him in action!

  10. Emma83 says

    How did Max Verstappen manage to recover from the starting position and secure the win in such a thrilling race?

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