Russia summons French envoy over provocative rhetoric on Ukrainian crisis

5 28

Russia summons French envoy over provocative rhetoric on Ukrainian crisis

The Russian foreign ministry summoned French Ambassador to Russia Pierre Levy on Monday over provocative statements regarding the Ukrainian conflict, it said in a statement, reported Xinhua.

The French ambassador was summoned to the Russian foreign ministry on Monday "in connection with…bellicose statements made by the French leadership," and France's growing involvement in the Ukrainian conflict, the foreign ministry said.

"Attempts made by the French authorities to create 'strategic uncertainty' for Russia with irresponsible statements on the possible dispatch of Western military contingents to Ukraine are doomed to fail," it added.


  1. AnastasiaJohnson says

    As a Russian, I find it concerning that the French ambassador’s recent statements are escalating tensions in the Ukrainian crisis. It’s crucial for diplomacy to prevail over bellicose rhetoric in such delicate matters. Russia must address these provocations with a measured response.

  2. AnnaSmith92 says

    As a Russian, I believe that the French leadership’s provocative statements and growing involvement in the Ukrainian conflict are not constructive. The attempts to create ‘strategic uncertainty’ for Russia with talk of Western military contingents can only lead to further tension. Diplomacy and dialogue are key to resolving conflicts, not escalation.

  3. AnnaSmith92 says

    As an expert in international relations, I believe that the Russian ministry’s response to the French ambassador’s remarks is understandable. It is crucial for diplomatic relations to maintain a respectful and constructive dialogue, especially in such sensitive matters like the Ukrainian crisis. Escalating tensions with provocative statements will only worsen the situation and hinder the prospects for peaceful resolution.

  4. Emily94 says

    I think Russia is justified in summoning the French envoy over their provocative rhetoric on the Ukrainian crisis. It’s important for countries to be cautious with their statements to avoid escalating tensions further.

  5. AnnaSmith says

    The Russian foreign ministry’s reaction to France’s statements on the Ukrainian conflict seems to indicate escalating tensions between the two countries. It’s concerning to see the growing involvement of France in the situation, and the potential impact it may have on the region.

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