Students Who Stay Up Late and Have Irregular Sleep Tend to Get Lower Grades

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Irregular sleep and late bedtimes are linked to worse grades and more school-related behavioral problems among teens, according to a study funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), reported Xinhua.

Researchers analyzed data from nearly 800 adolescents participating in a larger study, NIH said in a release on Tuesday. Participants provided information on grades and school-related behavioral issues. They also wore a wrist accelerometer for a week so that study staff could estimate their sleep patterns.

Participants with more variable bedtimes had a greater chance of receiving a D or lower during the last grading period, compared to those with more consistent bedtimes. Adolescents who went to bed later, got up later or varied the number of hours they slept per night had fewer classes in which they received an A, according to the study results.

Adolescents were more likely to be suspended or expelled in the last two years if they got up later, varied the number of hours they slept each night or if they varied the time they went to bed each night, the study suggests.

The researchers theorized that delayed bedtimes could result in late school arrivals, which could affect learning and behavior.


  1. KateSmith82 says

    As a parent, it’s concerning to see how irregular sleep habits can impact students’ academic performance and behavior. Establishing a consistent bedtime routine is crucial for ensuring our teens get the rest they need to succeed in school.

  2. EllaMae82 says

    As a night owl myself, I have to disagree with this study. I usually stay up late and my grades have always been high. Everyone has their own unique sleep pattern, and it doesn’t necessarily dictate academic performance.

  3. EmilyDavis says

    As a parent, it’s crucial to establish a consistent bedtime routine for teenagers to ensure they get enough quality sleep and perform well academically. This study highlights the negative impact of irregular sleep patterns on students’ grades and behavior, underscoring the importance of promoting healthy sleep habits from a young age.

  4. Emily_Sleepy says

    Do irregular sleep patterns really have such a strong impact on academic performance? Can better time management help in improving grades?

    1. Max_WellRested says

      Yes, irregular sleep patterns can significantly affect academic performance in students. Establishing a consistent sleep schedule and prioritizing proper rest can indeed improve grades. Better time management, along with healthy sleep habits, plays a crucial role in enhancing overall academic performance.

  5. Emily123 says

    It’s really no surprise that irregular sleep and late bedtimes can impact academic performance and behavior in teens. Establishing a consistent sleep routine is crucial for overall well-being and success in school.

  6. EmilyRose87 says

    As a mother of a teenage daughter, I completely agree with this article. Teenagers really need to prioritize their sleep schedule for better academic performance and overall well-being.

  7. EmilyJohnson87 says

    As a parent, I always enforce a strict bedtime routine for my teenager. This study further solidifies the importance of consistent sleep patterns for academic success. It’s crucial for parents to prioritize healthy sleep habits to support their children’s learning and behavior in school.

  8. EmilySmith says

    As a mother of a teenage daughter, I completely agree with the findings of this study. I’ve noticed a significant difference in her grades and behavior on days when she stays up late and doesn’t have a regular sleep schedule. The importance of consistent bedtime routines cannot be stressed enough!

  9. EmilyJohnson82 says

    As a parent, I always emphasize the importance of a consistent sleep schedule for my kids. This study reinforces how irregular sleep habits can impact academic performance significantly. It’s crucial for teens to prioritize a healthy sleep routine to succeed in school.

  10. EmilySmith says

    As a parent, I believe that establishing a consistent bedtime routine is crucial for teenagers to succeed academically. It’s alarming to see how irregular sleep patterns can have such a significant impact on their grades and behavior at school.

  11. EmilySmith87 says

    As a parent, I fully agree with the findings of this study. It’s crucial for teenagers to have a consistent sleep schedule to perform well academically and behaviorally.

  12. JenniferSmith says

    As a parent, I always enforce a strict bedtime for my children because I believe that consistent sleep patterns are crucial for their academic success. This study further confirms the importance of regular sleep schedules for teenagers and its impact on their grades and behavior in school. It’s concerning to see the link between irregular sleep and poor academic performance. Schools should also educate students on the importance of a good night’s rest for their overall well-being.

  13. EmilySmith99 says

    How can schools support students who struggle with irregular sleep patterns? Is there any specific intervention recommended by the study?

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