Children and the young wish that Vantaa residents take care of their environment and of one another

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Children and the young wish that Vantaa residents take care of their environment and of one another

Schoolchildren and students challenge Vantaa residents to collect trash and to ensure that nobody is left alone. Children and the young tell about their thoughts about residential areas’ pluses and minuses to the city’s decision-makers in the Influential Day event, according to the City of Vantaa.

The wellbeing of the environment and people is important to Vantaa children and youth. This became clear in the Influential Day event, which was held in Vantaa already for the 17th time. Children and the young from all Vantaa’s schools and educational institutions participated in the event, arranged at City Hall on May 8.

In the event, young Vantaa residents planned improvements in Vantaa’s residential areas together with the city’s employees and decision-makers. Children and the young got to develop fresh suggestions that were voted as winners in Vantaa’s participatory budgeting. Vantaa residents wanted money to be especially spent on the wellbeing of children and the young.

– People can help one another and nature, Kivistö’s team reminded the city’s employees and decision-makers that filled the City Hall meeting room in the Influential Day event.

More free-of-charge hobbies

The young Vantaa residents that participated in the Influential Day event said that what brings joy in Vantaa are friends, local nature, and good hobby options.

Young Vantaa residents want more hobby options, including free-of-charge hobby options.

The city will be developing free-of-charge hobby options for children and the young in the course of this and the next year; the proposal was highly supported in the participatory budgeting vote.

Littering is irritating

Littering and disturbingly behaving adults are deemed irritating in Vantaa.

“It would be most important that people remembered to be friendly toward everybody,” the Aviapolis team stated.

“It is also important that trash be collected,” the Hakunila team said, and was immediately supported by the city’s management.

“I am here and now giving the personal promise that I will start collecting trash when moving in my neighborhood,” declared urban environment planning manager Markus Holm in the Influential Day event.

The city listens to the young

Vantaa genuinely listens to the thoughts of its young residents, say Elmeri Lehtovirta, Hertta Dahlqvist, and Vincent Joki. The trio promotes the wishes of children and the young in the Youth Council.

“I feel that the young have genuine influencing power in Vantaa and that we are heard,” said Vincent Joki, the chairperson of the Vantaa Youth Council.

Deputy mayor Katri Kalske confirms the above claim.

“Vantaa takes the wishes of children and the young seriously. Vantaa’s population is one of the youngest in Finnish cities, and we are committed to listening to the voice of children and the young in the city’s decision-making,” Kalske added.

Vantaa was granted the Child Friendly cities recognition at the beginning of 2024. The recognition is granted by the children's organisation UNICEF.


  1. EmilyJohnson says

    I believe it’s wonderful to see children and young people taking initiative in caring for their environment and community. Their enthusiasm and creativity in planning improvements in residential areas are truly inspiring. It’s essential for everyone to work together to ensure the wellbeing of both nature and people. Kivistö’s team’s message about helping one another and nature is a powerful reminder for all of us. I fully support the idea of providing more free-of-charge hobby options for young residents, as it contributes to their overall happiness and development.

  2. EmmaSmith123 says

    As a Vantaa resident, I agree with the children and the young that we should all take care of our environment and each other. It’s inspiring to see the youth getting involved in shaping our community’s future. Let’s work together to create a better and more sustainable Vantaa!

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