Climate activists in Germany temporarily block Munich Airport

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Climate activists in Germany temporarily block Munich Airport

Members of the German climate activist group Last Generation caused considerable disruption at Munich Airport on Saturday morning at the start of a holiday weekend by entering restricted areas, officials said, reported dpa.

The airport was initially closed for security reasons, airport officials and the federal police said.

After about two hours, one of the two runways was reopened, followed by the second runway around an hour later.

The Last Generation reported on the social media platform X that six people sat down in groups of two at different locations at Munich Airport.

Numerous police officers and firefighters were on site to remove the activists.

The spokesman for the federal police said that eight people initially tried to enter the site at four different points at the same time by cutting through the airport's security fence.

The airport spokesperson said it could take a while for air traffic to normalize on Saturday. "We have planned a total of just under 1,000 take-offs and landings."

Due to the tight synchronization of flights, delays can still occur for a while. Passengers who have flights booked on Saturday should contact their airline as a precaution.

The activists said they wanted to disrupt the start of the Whitsun holiday weekend. Many countries, including Germany, have a holiday on the day after Pentecost Sunday, or Whitsun, which marks 50 days after Easter.

The group had carried out similar actions at several German airports in the past. Air traffic accounts for almost 10% of Germany's responsibility for global warming.


  1. Kate94 says

    Will the airport increase security measures to prevent similar incidents in the future?

    1. Max_Smith12 says

      It is likely that the airport will review and enhance its security protocols following this disruption. Such incidents can prompt authorities to reassess and strengthen existing measures to prevent future unauthorized access.

  2. EmmaSmith22 says

    It’s commendable to see climate activists taking bold actions to raise awareness about the urgent need for environmental protection. The disruption caused at Munich Airport may inconvenience some, but it effectively brings attention to the critical issue of climate change that affects us all.

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