Finland Hit Like a Blizzard in the Coldest January in 8 Years! Brrr, It’s a Chilly One at 2 Degrees!

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Finland experienced colder temperature in January than usual in the whole country this year, according to Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI).

The month started very cold but ended mild and the lowest temperature minus 44.3 degrees Celsius was measured on January 5 in Enontekiö, which is the coldest weather recorded reading in Finland since January 1999, said FMI in a press release on Tuesday.

The average temperature in January varied from about minus 3 degrees Celsius in the southwest archipelago to minus 17 degrees Celsius in Eastern Lapland.

The temperature deviation from the long-term average was mainly between 3°C and 6°C. On average, such a cold January occurs every 5 to 10 years. The previous colder January was in 2016.

The year began in freezing temperatures, and during the first week of January it was occasionally even exceptionally cold.

The highest temperature in January, 5.7 degrees Celsius, was measured at Kemi I lighthouse, on January 9, as well as at Hammarland Märket, on January 22.

The last week of January saw very mild temperatures, compared to the seasonal average.

In January, precipitation levels were close to or slightly below normal levels. The precipitation was mainly 20‒60 millimetres.

According to preliminary data, the highest amount of precipitation in January was 71.8 mm, recorded in Huhtilampi, Joensuu.

The lowest precipitation, according to preliminary data, was 13.2 mm, recorded in Laitala, Toholampi.

At the end of the month, there was snow in mainland Finland from about 15 centimetres in Southwest Finland to 96 centimetres in Kilpisjärvi.

In Åland and the southwest archipelago, there was a few centimetres of snow. In many places, the snow depth was approximately 10 centimetres higher than usual.


  1. EmilyJohnson says

    It’s alarming to see such extreme weather patterns becoming more frequent. Climate change is real and we need to take urgent action to protect our planet.

  2. EmilySmith says

    Wow, that sounds like a brutal winter in Finland! I can’t even imagine dealing with temperatures as cold as minus 44.3 degrees Celsius. Hopefully, the weather will start warming up soon for everyone there.

  3. EmilySmith123 says

    I can’t even imagine how tough winter must be in Finland with temperatures dropping to minus 44.3 degrees Celsius! Stay warm, my friends in Finland!

  4. AmyJohnson45 says

    Was this sudden shift from extreme cold to milder temperatures in January unusual for Finland, or does it happen frequently?

    1. JohnSmith87 says

      From the historical weather data provided by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, it seems that such fluctuations in temperatures, transitioning from extreme cold to milder conditions, occur periodically in Finland. While the cold January this year stands out due to the lowest recorded temperature since 1999, variations in temperatures seem to be part of Finland’s climate patterns, with such cold Januaries happening every 5 to 10 years. It’s fascinating to observe the dynamic nature of Finland’s weather!

  5. Laura90 says

    Wow, those temperatures sound brutal! It’s fascinating to see how extreme the weather can get in Finland. It must have been a tough month for the residents there. Stay warm, everyone!

  6. EmilySmith says

    It must have been tough for the people of Finland to endure such extreme cold temperatures. Climate change is really making its impact felt around the world.

  7. Jenna_Snowfall says

    As a resident of Finland, I must say this January felt like a real winter wonderland! The cold weather brought out the best of my cozy sweaters and warm drinks. Though I have to admit, those temperatures in Enontekiö were bone-chilling! Here’s to hoping for a slightly milder February ahead.

  8. EmmaSnowflake says

    Wow, what an extreme weather rollercoaster for Finland! It’s fascinating to see how the temperature fluctuations can range from -3°C to -17°C within the same country. The fact that such a cold January only occurs every 5 to 10 years really highlights the severity of this winter chill. Stay warm, folks!

  9. Emily_Snowflake says

    As a Finnish resident, I can attest that this January truly felt like a winter wonderland! The temperatures plummeted to record lows, creating a magical yet bone-chilling atmosphere across the country. It’s fascinating to see how nature can display such extremes in climate, from freezing cold to relatively mild weather within just a few weeks. The data from FMI highlights the exceptional cold snap we experienced and serves as a reminder of the unpredictable beauty of Finnish winters.

  10. AnnaSmith says

    I personally love the cold weather and think it adds a magical touch to Finland’s winter landscape. It’s fascinating to see how the temperatures can vary so drastically from one area to another in the country. Definitely a chilly but beautiful January in Finland!

  11. LindaSnowflake says

    Wow, Finland really endured some extreme weather conditions in January! It must have been quite challenging for the residents to cope with such frigid temperatures. Hopefully, the milder end of the month brought some relief. Stay warm, Finland!

  12. MiaJohnson says

    Wow, that’s quite a temperature swing in Finland! I wonder how the wildlife there copes with such extreme conditions?

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