Zelensky, EP chief discuss Ukraine’s European integration, security

4 25

Zelensky, EP chief discuss Ukraine's European integration, security

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and visiting European Parliament President Roberta Metsola on Thursday discussed Ukraine's European integration and security issues, reported Xinhua.

At the talks, Zelensky said Ukraine has fulfilled all the necessary conditions for starting accession talks with the European Union next month, according to the presidential press service.

For her part, Metsola said she was optimistic that EU member states will adopt the negotiating framework for Ukraine in June.

The European Parliament will help Ukraine in "all possible ways" to move along the European path, Metsola stressed.

Zelensky and Metsola also discussed the situation on the battlefield in Ukraine, the EU's defense support for Kiev and the high-level conference on peace slated for mid-June in Switzerland.

Metsola arrived in Kiev earlier in the day.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. OliviaSmith22 says

    It’s great to see Zelensky and Metsola actively working towards Ukraine’s European integration and security. Let’s hope for a peaceful and prosperous future for the country.

  2. JuliaSmith92 says

    It’s great to see that Ukraine is making progress towards European integration. Zelensky’s efforts and Metsola’s support will hopefully lead to positive outcomes for the country.

  3. Samantha_Journalist says

    Do you think the upcoming high-level conference on peace in Switzerland will bring positive developments for resolving the situation on the battlefield in Ukraine?

    1. Marcus_Times says

      Yes, I believe that the high-level conference on peace in Switzerland will provide a platform for constructive dialogues and potential solutions to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. It’s essential for all parties involved to actively participate and work towards a peaceful resolution.

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