Finland, other EU states fortify control of sanctions against Russia

4 26

Finland, other EU states fortify control of sanctions against Russia

Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland on Thursday signed a joint agreement in Vilnius with the view to strengthening and unifying the controls of EU sanctions against Russia, said Finnish Customs in a press release.

The agreement will strengthen the uniformity of regional enforcement of sanctions and the exchange of information.

For Finland’s part, the Agreement was signed by Sami Rakshit, Director General of Finnish Customs.

The agreement emphasises the need to strengthen a uniform enforcement of sanctions, the importance of information exchange and coordinated measures to address illogical transport routes.

The Agreement also provides for joint measures to be imposed on manufacturers and exporters of goods in presenting additional documentation, and lists other measures aimed at addressing the circumvention of sanctions.

“From the outset, we have worked closely with states at the EU's external borders and emphasised the need for uniform enforcement of sanctions at EU level. In order to prevent circumvention of sanctions, the phenomenon needs to be tackled extensively from different perspectives in order to prevent circumvention attempts as efficiently as possible. With the Agreement we signed today (Thusday), we want to demonstrate to other states and companies the importance of close cooperation for effective enforcement of sanctions, and to do our part to improve the effectiveness of sanctions,” said Sami Rakshit.


  1. AliceSmith45 says

    How will these joint measures impact Russia’s response to the EU sanctions? Will other EU countries follow suit in strengthening their enforcement?

    1. SophiaJones78 says

      Regarding the impact on Russia’s response, the joint measures aim to create a more unified front in enforcing EU sanctions, which could potentially increase pressure on Russia to comply. As for other EU countries, the signing of this agreement sets a precedent that may encourage them to strengthen their enforcement practices as well.

  2. Sara Thompson says

    Sami Rakshit’s emphasis on the need for uniform enforcement of sanctions and information exchange is crucial for combating attempts to circumvent sanctions. It exemplifies the importance of collaboration between states and companies to effectively enforce sanctions and enhance their effectiveness.

  3. Samantha Smith says

    As a concerned citizen, I believe it’s crucial for EU states to fortify control of sanctions against Russia. The joint agreement signed by Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland is a step in the right direction towards a more unified approach in enforcing sanctions and preventing circumvention. It’s commendable that Director General Sami Rakshit emphasized the importance of cooperation and coordinated measures in this matter.

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