Turkish Cops Round Up 38 Suspected IS Members – What a Bust!

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Turkish police detain 38 IS suspects

Turkish police detained 38 suspected members of the Islamic State (IS) group, the country's Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya said on Sunday, reported Xinhua.

The suspects were detained in the provinces of Adana, Aydin, Corum, Gaziantep, Kayseri and Mersin in the operations dubbed "Bozdogan-31," Yerlikaya said on social media platform X, without specifying the timing of the operations.

The police seized large amounts of both foreign and Turkish currencies, as well as some digital materials during the operations, he added.

The Turkish government designated the IS as a terrorist organization in 2013, blaming it for a spate of deadly attacks in the country since 2015, including the January attack on a Roman Catholic church in Istanbul that killed one person.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. EmilySmith23 says

    It’s crucial for authorities to continue cracking down on IS suspects to ensure the safety of the public. Hopefully, these recent detentions will prevent further attacks and dismantle the terror network.

  2. Emily_Smith says

    It’s crucial for authorities to continue to crackdown on IS suspects to ensure the safety of citizens. The government’s dedication to combating terrorism is commendable.

  3. EmilyJohnson says

    It’s a good step towards ensuring safety and combating terrorism. Hopefully, these operations will help prevent future attacks. The Turkish authorities are taking necessary actions to tackle such threats.

  4. Ashley32 says

    Were there any casualties during the operations?

    1. EmmaG29 says

      As reported by the article, there were no casualties during the operations. The focus was on detaining the suspects and seizing materials. It’s a relief that the authorities were able to carry out the operation without any harm.

  5. AmyJohnson81 says

    It’s great to see the Turkish police taking action against suspected IS members. Terrorism is a threat to everyone’s safety, and these arrests are a step in the right direction. Let’s continue to support efforts to combat terrorism globally.

  6. AmyJohnson_86 says

    I’m glad to see that the Turkish authorities are taking strong actions against the Islamic State group. It’s essential to prevent further terrorist attacks and ensure the safety of the citizens. Kudos to the police for their swift actions in detaining these suspects and seizing crucial evidence.

  7. Emily92 says

    It’s a crucial step in the fight against terrorism. Hopefully, these arrests will enhance the security situation in the region.

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