Germany Chooses Malik Harris to Bring Down the House at Eurovision!

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Malik Hentarris will represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy in May after winning a national competition to select the country's candidate, reported dpa.

Harris, 24, secured the nomination to represent Germany in Turin after beating five other candidates with his song "Rockstars" in a final televised round in Berlin on Friday night.

The German-American singer-songwriter, who is from Bavaria, is the son of an American television presenter.

Harris has music in his blood: One of his grandfathers was an opera singer, his grandmother was a pianist, and his father plays several musical instruments.

The musician, who also raps, found his way onto concert stages early on and has toured as an opener for James Blunt, among others.

"I want to win," he said after winning the German Eurovision spot.

The emotional highlight of the evening was reserved for Ukrainian singer Jamala. The 2016 European Song Contest winner combined her appearance with a moving plea for peace in her country.

"My greatest wish is for the war to stop," the 38-year-old said. Jamala fled her homeland with her two children under dramatic circumstances, and has had to leave her husband behind in Ukraine.

Harris also used his performance for an anti-war gesture. At the end of his song, he turned over his guitar, on which he had written "I stand with Ukraine" in large letters.

The Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals will be held on May 10 and 12, followed by the final on May 14 in the PalaOlimpico arena in Turin, the northern Italian city some 150 kilometres west of Milan.


  1. EllaSmith86 says

    Malik Harris truly embodies the spirit of unity and peace with his powerful gesture in support of Ukraine. His talent and passion shine through in his song “Rockstars”, and I believe he will rock the Eurovision stage in Italy. Go Malik!

  2. EmilySmith says

    Malik Harris has an incredible voice and stage presence. I believe he has what it takes to win the Eurovision Song Contest and make Germany proud!

  3. Emily34 says

    Will Malik Harris be the first German-American to win Eurovision?

    1. Chris92 says

      Yes, Malik Harris could become the first German-American to win Eurovision! His talent and dedication are truly remarkable. Let’s cheer him on and see what he brings to the stage in Italy in May!

  4. EmilySmith says

    It’s great to see Malik Harris chosen to represent Germany at Eurovision! His song “Rockstars” truly stands out and I believe he has a good chance to win in Italy. Looking forward to his performance!

  5. CarolineSmith says

    I think Malik Harris is a talented artist with a powerful message. His performance was captivating and I believe he has a strong chance of winning Eurovision. Looking forward to seeing him shine on the international stage!

  6. Julia1987 says

    As a German, I am proud that Malik Hentarris was chosen to represent us at Eurovision! He has real talent and charisma that will surely wow the audience. I believe he has what it takes to bring home the victory.

  7. Lily Johnson says

    As a German-American, I’m thrilled that Malik Harris will be representing Germany at Eurovision! He has a unique blend of talent and passion that is sure to captivate the audience in Italy. I believe he has the potential to bring down the house and make Germany proud!

  8. EmilySmith123 says

    Did Malik Harris speak about his family’s musical background during the competition?

    1. AlexTurner456 says

      Yes, Malik Harris mentioned his family’s musical legacy in an interview after the competition. He shared that music runs deep in his family, with his grandfather being an opera singer, grandmother a pianist, and his father skilled in playing multiple musical instruments. It’s clear that talent truly runs in their blood!

  9. MeganSmith says

    MeganSmith thinks Malik Harris has a strong chance of winning Eurovision with his impactful performance and powerful anti-war message. She believes his music background and emotional connection will resonate with audiences across Europe.

  10. Julia_Songbird says

    Malik Harris truly embodies the spirit of Eurovision with his powerful performance. I am excited to see him shine on the stage and he definitely has the potential to win it all!

  11. JennySmith says

    Was Malik Harris’ song “Rockstars” well-received by the audience during the final round in Berlin?

    1. MarkJohnson says

      Yes, Malik Harris’ song “Rockstars” was very well-received by the audience during the final round in Berlin. The catchy melody and energetic performance had everyone cheering and dancing along!

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