“Dad spills the beans about snatching his daughter in wild Hamburg airport scene”

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Man confesses to kidnapping his daughter during Hamburg airport drama

A man who smashed his car through the gates of Hamburg Airport and parked it on the tarmac with his 4-year-old daughter inside has confessed to the kidnapping of his child and other crimes.

"I just wanted to leave Germany. I wanted the police to find ways to send us to Turkey," the 35-year-old Turkish man said on Monday in a statement read out by his defence lawyer.

The trial is taking place nearly six months after the bizarre incident in November that lasted 18 hours and disrupted air traffic for nearly a day.

He had wanted to fly to Istanbul with his daughter, he said when asked by the presiding judge at the regional court, Torsten Schwarz.

The defendant apologized to the passengers at the airport and the police. "I know that I caused panic," the statement said.

He is charged with hostage-taking, kidnapping of a minor, intentional bodily harm and weapons offences.

The man allegedly kidnapped his daughter from her mother's flat in the nearby town of Stade and then drove to the airport. He broke through three security barriers with the car and then parked on the tarmac. From there, he called the police and ordered that a plane be made available to take him and his daughter to Turkey.

To emphasize his demand, he fired a semi-automatic pistol into the air several times and threw two burning Molotov cocktails out of the vehicle. He also allegedly wore a dummy explosive belt and threatened to detonate the explosives if the police intervened.

A custody dispute with the child's mother is said to have triggered the situation.

The man surrendered to officers after 18 hours. The crisis halted flights to and from Hamburg for about 20 hours.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. EmmaJones91 says

    I can’t believe the extent this man went to in order to take his daughter out of the country. It’s truly shocking how this situation unfolded and the risks he put his child through. I hope justice is served for the safety and well-being of the daughter.

  2. Linda_1987 says

    What were the motivations behind his actions? Was there any prior indication of such behavior?

    1. JohnDoe1975 says

      Hi Linda_1987, from the article, it seems the man’s actions were driven by a desire to leave Germany by any means necessary, even resorting to extreme measures. His statement indicates he wanted to go to Turkey and was willing to cause chaos to achieve his goal. As for prior indications, it’s not mentioned in the article, but his elaborate plan suggests a level of premeditation. Quite a disturbing and complex situation.

  3. Emma_Harper says

    It’s truly a disturbing story. The man’s actions endangered the lives of many innocent people, including his own daughter. His reckless behavior and disregard for the law are inexcusable. I hope justice is served, and his daughter receives the care and support she needs after such a traumatic experience.

  4. EmilySmith90 says

    I think it’s absolutely horrifying that a parent would put their own child in such danger. The man’s actions not only endangered his daughter but also caused chaos and panic at the airport. It’s fortunate that no one was seriously harmed in this incident, but the emotional trauma on the young child must be immense. Justice must be served for the safety of the community and the well-being of the child.

  5. Emily_1985 says

    I can’t imagine the fear and chaos that passengers and authorities must have experienced during this harrowing event. It’s a relief that no one was seriously harmed, but the trauma caused is surely unimaginable. The man’s actions were reckless and dangerous, and I hope justice is served for the safety and well-being of his daughter and the community.

  6. EmilySmith2021 says

    Was the man under the influence of any substances during this extreme act?

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