Strawberries in Finland are Lovin’ the Hot Summer Sun!

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The right combination of weather over recent weeks means this summer’s strawberry harvest is right on schedule – and raspberries are available earlier this year too.

Hot sunny weather sweetens Finland’s strawberry crop

The recent spell of warm weather means that Finland’s strawberry season is off to a good start in southern and central areas this year.

The Association of Fruit and Berry Growers HML says that even further north, strawberries will start to ripen in the fields over the next week.

The heavy rains in recent days have brought some much-needed moisture to the crops and then the cooler weather has helped with the quality of the fruit. However, the association warns that the very high temperatures in June likely indicates a shorter strawberry season than usual – and urges people to already think about freezing and preserving their strawberries for winter.

“During April and May the temperatures were a little bit cooler and the growing season didn’t advance as fast as it would usually proceed, but during Midsummer and last week the heat and sunny days helped the strawberries ripen nicely to the normal timescale” explains Tomi Pousi from HML.

Strawberries are already available from supermarkets, farms, markets and berry stalls, while self-picking has started and proving to be popular.

 “The flavour of strawberries is exceptionally good this year, because it has been warm and sunny and with photosynthesis the strawberries gained so much sugars this summer” Puosi tells News Now Finland.

The Association cautions that strawberries don’t cope well with too much handling, long transportation or high temperatures after picking – and the best way to preseve them is to freeze as soon as possible after they’ve been harvested.

One good tip for home freezing is that in smaller freezers, it’s good to slice or mash the strawberries to reduce their storage space by half.

Hot sunny weather sweetens Finland’s strawberry crop

Raspberries also coming into season now

Finnish raspberries are also coming into season a little earlier than in previous years, as Finnish farmers adopt new methods to help cultivate the popular summer berry.  

“Nowadays many raspberry farmers are growing raspberries in growth tunnels which is a new technique in Finland, but in Central Europe or Great Britain most of the raspberries are grown in these plastic tunnels. The conditions are more favourable earlier in the season, and the farmers get the heat inside the plastic tunnels earlier than they would with outdoor conditions” explains HML’s Tomi Pousi.

“In Finland we still have to wait for the outdoor raspberry yield for a few more weeks” he adds.

If you’re picking your own berries for freezing, try to take the strawberries without a stalk to reduce the time it take can choose the berries by yourself, you have to gather them without a stock, in order to reduce the processing of berries at home.



  1. EmilySmith says

    Isn’t it interesting how the weather conditions can impact the strawberry harvest and flavor so significantly?

    1. DavidJohnson says

      It’s fascinating how weather plays such a crucial role in determining the success of strawberry crops. The combination of warm temperatures and ample sunlight truly enhances the flavor profile of the berries. Nature’s wonders never cease to amaze!

  2. EmilySmith says

    Strawberries in Finland seem to be enjoying the hot summer sun! It’s wonderful to see that the recent weather conditions have led to a great start for the strawberry season. I’m looking forward to enjoying these delicious fruits while they are at their best. Let’s make the most of the season and savor the flavors of these sun-ripened strawberries!

  3. Sarah92 says

    In my opinion, it’s wonderful how the hot summer sun in Finland is positively impacting the strawberry harvest this year. It’s great to see that the quality of the fruit is also benefiting from the recent weather conditions. Looking forward to enjoying some delicious strawberries this season!

  4. SarahBerry says

    The strawberries in Finland seem to be loving the hot summer sun this year! It’s great to hear that the weather conditions are leading to a successful harvest. I can’t wait to enjoy some delicious strawberries and raspberries this summer!

  5. Emily_Jane says

    The strawberry season in Finland seems to be thriving with the hot summer sun. It’s great to hear that the berries are ripening nicely and are already available for picking. It’s always a joy to enjoy fresh, sun-ripened strawberries!

  6. MeganJones83 says

    Wow, this is great news! I love fresh strawberries, and it’s wonderful to hear that the summer sun is helping with the harvest this year. I can’t wait to indulge in some delicious berries from Finland. This makes me want to plan a trip there and enjoy the fruits of the season!

  7. AnnieBerry says

    As a berry enthusiast, I am thrilled to hear that Finland’s strawberries are thriving under the hot sun this summer! It’s great to see the harvest right on schedule, and I can’t wait to indulge in the delicious fruits. Let’s make the most of this season and enjoy the sweet, sun-ripened strawberries while we can!

  8. JennaSmith1990 says

    Are the strawberries in Finland also organic? Or do they use any pesticides during the cultivation process?

    1. JohnDoe1985 says

      Yes, many strawberry growers in Finland follow organic practices to cultivate their strawberries. They prioritize sustainable methods and minimal pesticide use to ensure the fruit is healthy and safe for consumption.

  9. EmilySmith92 says

    Do you know if the hot summer sun has any impact on the sweetness of the strawberries compared to cooler seasons?

    1. DavidT1990 says

      Yes, EmilySmith92, the hot summer sun actually plays a crucial role in enhancing the sweetness of strawberries. The warm temperatures and ample sunlight help the strawberries to fully develop their sugars, resulting in a more flavorful and sweeter fruit compared to cooler seasons. So, get ready to enjoy some extra sweet strawberries this summer!

  10. AliceSmith says

    Strawberries in Finland must be absolutely loving the hot summer sun! It’s wonderful to hear that the strawberry harvest is on schedule and that raspberries are available earlier this year too. The combination of warm weather and heavy rains seems to be doing wonders for the crop. I can only imagine how sweet and delicious the strawberries must be this season!

  11. GretaBerry23 says

    In my opinion, the fantastic weather this summer in Finland is really bringing out the best in the strawberries! I can’t wait to enjoy the delicious harvest this year.

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