German far-right EU MP’s Brussels office raided in spying probe

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German far-right EU MP's Brussels office raided in spying probe

Authorities in Brussels on Tuesday searched the European Parliament office of far-right German legislator Maximilian Krah in connection with suspected espionage by his former assistant, Jian Guo, prosecutors say, reported dpa.

A statement by the German Federal Public Prosecutor's Office said Krah's parliamentary offices in Brussels had been searched in connection with an investigation into Guo.

German police arrested Guo on suspicion of espionage on April 22. Krah, who represents Germany's far-right Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) party, fired Guo following the allegations.

A spokesman for the Belgian public prosecutor's office confirmed to dpa that authorities had entered the offices on the request of German prosecutors.


  1. EmmaSmith87 says

    It’s concerning to see such incidents happening within the European Parliament. The allegations of espionage linked to Maximilian Krah’s office are highly alarming. It’s crucial for thorough investigations to take place to ensure security and transparency.

  2. LenaM says

    It’s concerning that such actions are taking place within the European Parliament. Espionage should have no place in politics.

  3. Emma_Smith says

    It’s concerning that a far-right German legislator’s office is being raided in a spying probe. This raises questions about the integrity of his team and their activities. Hopefully, justice will prevail and the truth will come to light.

  4. EmilySays says

    It’s concerning to see allegations of espionage within the European Parliament. The actions taken in raiding Maximilian Krah’s office highlight the seriousness of the situation. Let’s hope for a thorough investigation to uncover the truth.

  5. CarolineSmith says

    It’s concerning to see such allegations of espionage involving a member of the European Parliament. We must ensure thorough investigations are conducted to maintain the integrity of our institutions.

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