Energy consumption rises by 8% in Q1

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Energy consumption rises by 8% in Q1

Total energy consumption in January to March amounted to 376 petajoules (PJ), which was eight per cent more than one year before, according to Statistics Finland.

The cold early part of the year increased demand for energy. The consumption of natural gas and nuclear energy grew most, by 61 and 21 per cent respectively.

Total electricity consumption increased by 10 per cent.

The consumption of renewable energy went up by six per cent in January to March. The consumption of wind power grew by 11 per cent.

The combined consumption of fossil fuels and peat remained on level with the previous year.

The consumption of hard coal decreased by 28 per cent.

Total electricity consumption grew by 10 per cent from one year ago.

The production of nuclear power went up by 21 per cent and net imports of electricity by 53 per cent.

Carbon dioxide emissions from the energy use of fuels decreased by two per cent from the previous year.


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