Schengen visa fees to increase in June

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Schengen visa fees to increase in June

The European Commission on Wednesday decided to increase Schengen visa fees as of 11 June 2024, said the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in a press release.

The new Schengen visa fee will be EUR 90 for adults and EUR 45 for children, which was EUR 80 and 40 for adults and children respectively.

The increase will apply worldwide.

In line with the EU Visa Code, every three years the Commission assesses the need to revise the visa fee amounts.

In its assessment, the Commission takes into account objective criteria, such as the general Union-wide inflation rate as published by Eurostat and the weighted average of the salaries of national officials.


  1. Alexandra89 says

    I think the increase in Schengen visa fees is unreasonable, especially during these challenging times. EUR 90 for adults and EUR 45 for children is quite a burden for travelers. It would be more understandable if there were visible improvements in the visa processing services or additional benefits for visa holders.

  2. EmilySmith81 says

    As if traveling wasn’t expensive enough already! This increase in Schengen visa fees will definitely put a strain on many travelers’ budgets. It’s frustrating to see costs rising constantly.

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