21 held in Bolivia for attempted coup

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21 held in Bolivia for attempted coup

At least 21 people have been arrested in Bolivia for the failed coup against Bolivian President Luis Arce, Government Minister Eduardo del Castillo said Friday, reported Xinhua.

Among the new detainees was the driver of the military vehicle that rammed into the gate of Palacio Quemado (Palace of Government) carrying several former commanders, including General Marcelo Zegarra, who was the head of the Bolivian Air Force.

Del Castillo said Zegarra was apprehended on the order of the prosecutor's office, noting that he was one of the most senior officers arrested in recent hours related to the failed attempt.

The minister added that the case was still under investigation and that the coup network was possibly linked to the country's political figures.

According to the Bolivian government, Gen. Juan Jose Zuniga on Wednesday afternoon led the attempted coup in Palacio Quemado, which is located in Murillo Square in the city of La Paz.

The failed coup occurred when a group of military personnel led by Zuniga stormed the Palacio Quemado, which President Arce described as "irregular mobilizations" and called an "attempted coup."

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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