An E-Library Pops Up in Finland!

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E-library opens in Finland

Finland will launch national E-library on Monday eliciting international interest, according to the National Library of Finland.

Operating under the auspices of the National Library, the E library was developed in cooperation with public libraries to meet their needs.

Offering e books and audiobooks as well as digital journals, the service will be released in the first stage as an app for phones and tablets.

“Similar solutions are rare globally,” said Annastiina Louhisalmi, Head of Services for E library.

“The nearest one is found in Denmark. Discussions on the development of similar services are taking place in other Nordic countries. The Finnish model is based on the separation of platform and material. In other words, the materials can be chosen more freely, as they are not tied to the limitations of a specific platform. And we also control the app development,” Louhisalmi added.

E-library will be released first for use by residents of the participating municipalities. On the opening day, the service will encompass approximately 85% of the population living in Finland.

Some municipalities will join in at the beginning of next year.

Developed in a two-year project, E-library will fulfil a dream long shared by many operators.

At the beginning of 2024, E-library was transferred to the National Library of Finland.

For authors and readers of audiobooks, it is important that lending compensation is now paid for e-resources in Finland.

E-library is a shared service for municipalities, from which people can borrow e-books, audiobooks and digital journals.

E-library is used through the E-library application, which can be installed on phones and tablets from the App Store and Google Play.

Instead of a library card, strong authentication is used when first registering in the service.

E-library can be used by anyone whose municipality of residence has joined the service. The service costs €0.7 per resident to municipalities.

E-library will contain material in Finnish, Swedish and English, as well as some material in other languages.

E-books and audiobooks can be borrowed for two weeks, after which they will be automatically returned.

Books can also be returned before the end of the loan period. Journals can be read for two hours at a time.

As the number of reading rights is limited, people may have to wait for the most popular content.

Holds can be placed on e-books and audiobooks. Every week, the continual acquisition of materials increases the content available for reading and listening.


  1. JenniferSmith says

    Does the E-library in Finland provide access to a wide range of e-books and audiobooks, or is it limited in its selection?

    1. JohnDavis says

      Yes, the E-library in Finland offers a wide range of e-books and audiobooks. The service was developed to meet the needs of the public libraries and offers digital journals as well. Users can choose materials freely as they are not tied to a specific platform. It’s a unique model that separates platform and material, allowing for more flexibility in selection.

  2. Jessica Johnson says

    Will the E-library in Finland offer a wide range of genres for the e-books and audiobooks, or will it focus on specific types of literature?

    1. Mark Davies says

      Hi Jessica, the E-Library in Finland will indeed offer a wide range of genres for the e-books and audiobooks. The service aims to cater to diverse reading preferences and interests, ensuring that users can access a variety of materials. So, whether you’re into mysteries, romance, sci-fi, or any other genre, you’ll likely find something that piques your interest on the platform. It’s great to see such initiatives promoting reading in different formats and genres!

  3. MeganSmith84 says

    As a book lover, I think the launch of the E-library in Finland is a fantastic idea! It’s great to see such innovative solutions being developed to make reading more accessible to everyone. I hope other countries take note and follow suit.

  4. AliceSmith says

    I think the launch of the national E-library in Finland is a fantastic initiative! It’s great to see how they are working in cooperation with public libraries to provide a wide range of e-books, audiobooks, and digital journals. I believe this model of separating platform and material and controlling app development will set a great example for other countries. Looking forward to seeing more countries follow suit with similar services!

  5. Emily Watson says

    Wow, this is such a fantastic initiative by Finland! I believe that digital libraries are the future, and it’s great to see Finland taking the lead in this. The idea of separating the platform from the material is revolutionary and will provide users with more freedom and choice. I hope other countries take inspiration from this and work towards developing similar services. Kudos to Annastiina Louhisalmi and the team for making this dream a reality!

  6. AlexandraSmith22 says

    As an avid reader, I am thrilled to hear about the launch of the E-library in Finland! It’s great to see innovative solutions in the digital age, providing access to a wide range of materials. Kudos to the team for making this happen!

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