Helsinki Science Award goes to Prof. Meinander

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Helsinki Science Award goes to Prof. Meinander

This year’s Helsinki Science Award was presented to Professor Henrik Meinander, professor at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Helsinki.

The value of the science award is EUR 10,000, which was presented marking the Helsinki Day on Wednesday, said the University of Helsinki in a press release.

The purpose of the Helsinki Science Award is to strengthen and increase the recognition of Helsinki as a city of science and research.

Meinander (born 1960), Ph.D, is a Professor of History at the University of Helsinki.

His extensive research output has focused particularly on the 19th and 20th century history of Finland and the Nordic countries, in the areas of which his range of publications has been exceptionally broad.

Meinander received his doctorate from the University of Helsinki in 1994. Three years later, he became an adjunct professor at both the University of Helsinki and Åbo Akademi.

Since 2001, he has worked as a Professor of History in Swedish-speaking subject at the University of Helsinki.

Meinander also served as intendant at the Mannerheim Museum in 1991–1997 and director of Finlandsinstitutet in Stockholm in 2001–2002.

He has been a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences since 2002 and the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters since 2003, and served as chair of the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland in 2017–2023. In 2007, Meinander was awarded the Swedish Academy’s Finland Prize.


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