Canada snatch victory from Finland in Ice Hockey WC

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Canada snatch victory from Finland in Ice Hockey WC

Finland conceded another defeat in the Ice Hockey World Championship 2024 as they lost to Canada by five goals to three in Prague on Saturday.

Although the Lions took lead with two early goals in the first period dominating over the Canadians from the very beginning of the match, Canada came back to the game and leveled the score from the behind twice and finally snatched the victory when Brandon Hagel sent the puck to Finnish net with 8:28 minutes left.

Jesse Puljujarvi scored at the second minute of the game to take 1-0 lead for Finland while Valtteri Puustinen widened the gap to 2-0 at the fourth minute.

Canada tried to come back after few minutes and Dylan Cozens reduced the gap at the 15th minute and Brandon Tanev leveled the score within a span of less than two minutes.

The Lions took lead again when Jesse Puljujarvi scored his second goal and third for the team at the 37th minute of the second period but Owen Power leveled the score again just after one minute.

Both the teams created pressure on each other and also got several chances, but the second period was ended 3-3.

Later the winning goal came from Hagel in the third period at the 52nd minute.

When the Finns were trying to level the score and started to play with empty net Dawson Mercer suddenly got a chance and easily sent the puck to the goalkeeper sans goal post just 20 seconds before the end to ensure the victory for Canada.

Earlier, the Lions beat Norway by 4-1 and Great Britain by 8-0 and lost to Czech Republic on tiebreaker and 2-3 to Austria in their group matches.


  1. EmilySmith92 says

    What a thrilling match it was! Canada really showed their strength by coming back from behind twice and securing the victory. Finland put up a good fight, but Canada’s determination ultimately paid off. Looking forward to more exciting games in the championship!

  2. AmySmith123 says

    Did the Lions have any chances to secure the lead again after Canada’s comeback in the match?

  3. EmmaTaylor says

    Finland showed a strong start with two quick goals, but Canada’s resilience and determination proved to be the key to their victory. Despite Finland’s efforts, Canada’s comeback in the game showcased their skill and teamwork, ultimately leading to their triumph. Congrats to Team Canada on a well-deserved win!

  4. EmilySmith says

    Wow, what an intense game! It’s impressive how Canada managed to turn the tables and secure the victory against Finland. Exciting performance from both teams, but Canada’s determination stood out in the end. Looking forward to more thrilling matches in the Ice Hockey World Championship!

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