Folks Say Company’s Sneakin’ Booze from Estonia to Finland

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Company accused of smuggling spirits from Estonia to Finland

A Finnish company registered in Päijät-Häme was accused of smuggling about 40 000 litres of spirits from Estonia to Finland during five years between 2016 and 2021, said Finnish Customs in a press release on Thursday.

Finnish Customs has investigated the case and found that the company imported the sprits without a valid permit and it had no other activities than the illegal import of spirits.

The company stopped the business at the end of last year.

The entrepreneur in question failed to declare and pay 1.6 million euros in excise tax to the Tax Administration.

Customs has cooperated closely with the Tax Administration, which has conducted an excise tax audit of the company.

“There have been three main suspects in the case under investigation, one of whom is the holder of the company name in question. The suspects have stated that the spirits were used as raw material for glass cleaning fluids, and they have presented invoices in support of their claim. These invoices are suspected to be false, and the companies were all related to the suspects. In reality, there is reason to suspect that the spirits have ended up in consumption,” said lead investigator Sari Knaapi.

For this investigation, Customs has acquired for example expert opinions on a national level, as well as evidence from abroad through international legal assistance.

Customs has investigated the case as an aggravated tax fraud, an aggravated alcohol offence and a smuggling offence pertaining to illegal import and distribution of denatured alcohol, that is, spirits.

The preliminary investigation is about to be completed, and the case will be forwarded to the Prosecution District of Southern Finland for consideration of charges during this spring.


  1. Ella543 says

    I find it alarming that a company would be involved in such illegal activities for such a long period of time. This behavior not only harms the economy but also poses risks to public health and safety. It’s crucial that authorities take strict actions against those responsible to deter others from engaging in similar practices.

  2. JennaSmith says

    It’s truly shocking to hear about the accusations against the Finnish company. If it’s confirmed that they indeed smuggled spirits, the consequences should be severe. It’s important for authorities to take strict action against such illegal activities to uphold the law and ensure fair business practices.

  3. MeganJohnson says

    It’s outrageous to hear about the Finnish company smuggling spirits. The illegal import and failure to pay 1.6 million euros in excise tax show a blatant disregard for the law. The excuses given about using the spirits for glass cleaning fluids seem dubious at best. Hopefully, the authorities can uncover the truth behind this deceptive scheme.

  4. EmilySmith87 says

    It is truly shocking to see how some companies engage in such illegal activities. The accusations against the Finnish company for smuggling spirits from Estonia to Finland are very concerning. Actions like these not only harm the economy but also pose significant risks to public health and safety. The authorities need to ensure strict penalties for such offenses to prevent others from following suit.

  5. MeganJohnson says

    Was there any specific reason why the company chose to smuggle spirits from Estonia to Finland? What measures are being taken to prevent such activities in the future?

    1. MichaelSmith says

      Regarding the company smuggling spirits from Estonia to Finland, the main reason behind their actions seems to be the evasion of excise tax. To prevent such activities in the future, Finnish Customs and the Tax Administration are working on enhancing border controls, implementing stricter regulations, and conducting thorough audits on companies involved in the import and sale of spirits. It is crucial to ensure that all businesses comply with the legal requirements to maintain a fair and transparent market.

  6. SarahJones says

    It’s quite concerning to hear about companies engaging in such illegal activities like smuggling spirits. The fact that they failed to declare and pay a significant amount in excise tax is unacceptable. The investigation findings highlight the necessity of stringent monitoring and enforcement to prevent such illicit practices.

  7. MiaJohnson85 says

    It’s shocking to hear about the alleged smuggling of spirits from Estonia to Finland. The company involved should face severe legal consequences for their actions. It’s concerning to think that such activities may have gone unnoticed for years.

  8. Jessica Smith says

    It’s alarming to see companies engaging in such illegal activities. The actions of the Finnish company in question are unacceptable, and it’s crucial that they face consequences for their actions. Smuggling alcohol not only undermines the law but also poses significant risks to public health and safety.

  9. EmilyJohnson says

    It’s concerning that a company would engage in such illegal activities for years without facing consequences. The excuses provided for the spirits being used as cleaning fluid raw material seem suspicious, and the failure to declare and pay taxes is unacceptable. Glad to see the authorities taking action on this case.

  10. EllaSmith92 says

    I believe that it is unacceptable for a company to engage in illegal activities such as smuggling spirits. The actions of the Finnish company in question have not only violated the law but also put the public at risk. It’s crucial for authorities to thoroughly investigate and prosecute those involved to ensure justice is served.

  11. Alex Turner says

    It’s shocking to see the extent to which some companies go to evade taxes and regulations. The authorities need to crack down harder on such illegal activities to protect fair competition and public health.

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