New Serbian gov’t formed under PM

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New Serbian gov't formed under PM

The Serbian parliament elected the country's new government on Thursday, led by Prime Minister Milos Vucevic, reported Xinhua.

Vucevic's government, with Finance Minister Sinisa Mali as the first deputy prime minister, was sworn into duty after it garnered 152 votes in the 250-member parliament.

Apart from Mali, deputy prime minister positions have been allocated to Interior Minister Ivica Dacic, Environmental Protection Minister Irena Vujovic, and former Interior and Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin.

Outlining his government's future agenda, Vucevic stated in parliament on Wednesday that it would maintain continuity with the policies of its predecessor, Ana Brnabic.

The new prime minister also highlighted the importance of Serbia's strategic partnership with China.

The new Serbian government is comprised of 32 members. The government will also be comprised of 25 ministries and five ministers without portfolios.


  1. NinaJohnson says

    As a Serbian citizen, I am optimistic about the new government led by Prime Minister Milos Vucevic. I appreciate the emphasis on maintaining continuity with the previous policies while also highlighting the importance of Serbia’s strategic partnership with China. I believe this government has the potential to bring positive changes and progress to our country.

  2. JohnSmith91 says

    Is there any information on the specific policy changes this new Serbian government plans to implement, or will it largely stick to the previous administration’s strategies as mentioned?

    1. JaneDoe82 says

      Hey JohnSmith91! According to Prime Minister Vucevic, the new Serbian government aims to maintain continuity with the previous administration’s policies outlined by Ana Brnabic. However, Vucevic also emphasized the importance of Serbia’s strategic partnership with China, hinting at potential developments in that area. It will be interesting to see how these strategic priorities will influence any new policy changes in the government’s agenda.

  3. MilaSmith says

    As a Serbian citizen, I believe the formation of the new government under PM Vucevic is a positive step towards maintaining stability and continuity in our country’s policies. I support the emphasis on strategic partnerships, such as with China, for the benefit of Serbia’s development.

  4. MartaJohnson says

    In my opinion, the new Serbian government, led by Prime Minister Milos Vucevic, seems to prioritize continuity with the previous administration’s policies, as indicated by Vucevic. It will be interesting to see how the strategic partnership with China unfolds under their leadership.

  5. MariaSmith says

    It’s great to see the new Serbian government formed under PM Milos Vucevic. I hope they uphold the country’s partnerships and work towards a prosperous future.

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