20 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Rafah

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20 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Rafah

At least 20 Palestinians were killed in intensive Israeli airstrikes in the southernmost Gazan city of Rafah, Palestinian security and medical sources said on Tuesday, reported Xinhua.

The security sources told Xinhua that Israeli warplanes carried out dozens of airstrikes targeting more than 11 populated residential homes in various areas of Rafah, adding that Israeli artillery also shelled agricultural lands on the eastern outskirts of Rafah.

Medical sources told Xinhua that 20 were killed, including women and children, and several wounded.

The civil defense agency said that its affiliated teams continue to search for missing people under the rubble of targeted homes in Rafah.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army said that its forces launched a surprise operation to neutralize targets belonging to Hamas east of Rafah and achieved operational control of the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing.

Israeli army spokesperson Avichay Adraee said on social media platform X that the operation was based on intelligence from the General Security Service (Shin Bet) and the Military Intelligence Directorate.

He confirmed the continuation of Israeli army forces' work in the area.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. EmilySmith91 says

    It is heartbreaking to hear about the loss of innocent lives in the Israeli airstrikes on Rafah. My thoughts are with the victims and their families during this difficult time. We must strive for peace and dialogue to prevent such tragedies from happening again.

  2. EmilySmith92 says

    It is heartbreaking to hear about the loss of life in Rafah due to the Israeli airstrikes. My thoughts are with the innocent civilians, especially the women and children, who have been affected by this tragedy. Violence only begets more violence, and I hope for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflicts in the region.

  3. EmilySmith says

    How can such intense airstrikes on residential homes be justified? Were there any warnings given to the civilians in Rafah before the attacks?

    1. JohnDoe says

      Hi EmilySmith, the Israeli army claimed that the airstrikes were targeting Hamas targets and that warnings were given to civilians in Rafah to evacuate before the attacks. However, the high number of civilian casualties raises concerns about the effectiveness of these warnings. The situation is heartbreaking, and the international community should investigate to ensure the protection of civilians in conflict zones.

  4. Emily_Smith says

    How can such intensive airstrikes targeting residential homes result in the loss of innocent lives, including women and children? Is there no other way to address the situation?

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