Von der Leyen totally roasts AfD’s far-right scandals in Germany

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Von der Leyen mocks Germany's far-right AfD over scandals

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen mocked the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party's European parliamentary election campaign launch, which has been overshadowed by spying scandals and suspicions of foreign influence-buying, reported dpa.

The AfD's lead candidate, Maximilian Krah, sat out the campaign launch event on Saturday, less than a week after a top aide to Krah was arrested on allegations of spying for China.

Krah himself is currently the subject of a preliminary investigation by German prosecutors into potential payments from Russia and China, and whether any payments might have influenced his work in the European Parliament.

"First covered up by the board, then hidden by the board – how about the AfD finally coming out with the truth?" said von der Leyen on Sunday at an event for the youth wing of her centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party in the western German city of Aachen.

AfD leaders have decided to stick with Krah despite the scandal, but removed him from the programme for the party's campaign launch event on Saturday.

Von der Leyen also hammered away at proposals from the eurosceptic AfD that Germany should break away from the European Union.

Doing so would come at an immense cost to the German economy, von der Leyen said, citing a study from the German Economic Institute (IW).

The IW calculated that a so-called "Dexit" (or Deutschland Exit from the EU) would cost Germany around 10% of its economic output, von der Leyen said.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. MeganSmith729 says

    How credible are the spying allegations against AfD’s lead candidate, Maximilian Krah? Are there any updates on the investigations?

    1. JeremyBrown85 says

      Well, based on the ongoing preliminary investigations by German prosecutors, it seems that the spying allegations and suspicions of foreign influence-buying surrounding Maximilian Krah are quite serious. The recent arrest of his top aide for alleged spying for China definitely raises concerns about potential illicit activities within the AfD party. As for updates, it’s essential to stay tuned to official statements from the authorities handling the case for the latest developments.

  2. SophiaJohnson82 says

    “The allegations surrounding the AfD and Krah are deeply concerning. It’s crucial for accountability and transparency to prevail in political leadership. Von der Leyen’s criticism sheds light on the risks of pursuing a ‘Dexit’ for Germany’s economy.”

  3. Emily Smith says

    As a German citizen, I fully support Von der Leyen’s strong stance against the AfD’s controversial scandals and dubious affiliations with foreign entities. It is crucial for the integrity of our democracy that individuals like Krah are held accountable for their actions. Von der Leyen’s unwavering commitment to the EU and the German economy deserves praise.

  4. SarahSmith123 says

    What a powerful takedown by von der Leyen on the AfD’s scandals! It’s concerning how the party seems entangled in foreign influence and potential corruption issues. The fact that they still support Krah despite everything is truly baffling. Von der Leyen’s criticism of their eurosceptic stance is spot-on. Breaking away from the EU would indeed be disastrous for Germany’s economy. The AfD needs to come clean and the truth needs to be revealed.

  5. OliviaSmith says

    It’s clear that von der Leyen is not holding back in calling out the AfD for their far-right scandals. The exposure of spying scandals and suspicions of foreign influence-buying surrounding the party’s lead candidate is concerning. Von der Leyen’s stance against the AfD’s proposals for a “Dexit” is justified, considering the potential detrimental impact on the German economy. Transparency and truth should be prioritized over hiding scandals.

  6. EmilyJohnson says

    European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen did a fantastic job challenging the far-right AfD party in Germany. It’s crucial for leaders to stand against foreign influence and maintain integrity. Let’s hope the truth will prevail over scandals and dishonesty.

  7. EmmaSmith123 says

    Ursula von der Leyen truly exposed the AfD’s far-right scandals in Germany. It’s alarming to see the extent of foreign influence and potential misconduct within their ranks. The call for transparency and accountability by von der Leyen is crucial in upholding democratic values.

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