Spanish PM Decides to Stick Around, Against All Odds

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Spanish PM announces decision to stay in his position

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Monday morning that he would retain his role despite what he considers to be unjustified attacks on his wife Begona Gomez from right and the far-right opponents, reported Xinhua.

Sanchez visited King Felipe VI of Spain earlier in the morning, before confirming his decision in a declaration made from his official residence at the Palacio de la Moncloa on the outskirts of Madrid.

"I have informed the Head of State that I have decided to continue with even more strength, if possible, as prime minister," Sanchez said.

Sanchez announced last Wednesday that he was cancelling his public duties until this week to "reflect" on whether to remain in his position, after a Spanish court said it had opened a probe against his wife for reported influence trafficking.

The accusation against Begona Gomez came from a far-right wing pressure group "Manos Limpios" which subsequently admitted that the reports of its accusation may not be true.

According to the Madrid Government delegate, an estimated 80,000 people showed their support for Sanchez outside the headquarters of his Spanish Socialist Party in Madrid on Saturday, while thousands more marched to the Spanish Congress building to show their backing on Saturday.

Sanchez said the "social mobilization" had "influenced" him, adding that "if as a society, we accept that political action allows indiscriminate attacks on innocent people, then it is not worthwhile."

He apologized for the "uncertainty" his letter might have caused, but insisted that it was not "a political decision" and that at times it was necessary to "reflect and decide where we are going."

"We either say 'enough is enough' or this degradation of public life will condemn us as a country," said Sanchez.

Opposition groups, such as the right-wing People's Party (PP) and the extreme right-wing Vox, have accused Sanchez of time-wasting and selfishness over his letter five days ago.

"This is not about ideology: it is respect, dignity and principals that go beyond political opinion … if we allow lies and hoaxes to direct our political system, … we will have caused tremendous damage to our democracy," concluded Sanchez.


  1. Maria_Garcia says

    As a woman, I admire Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s decision to stand by his wife despite the unjust attacks. It takes courage and strength to weather such storms. I believe he will emerge even stronger from this challenging time.

  2. EmilyJohnson says

    Do you think the accusations against Pedro Sanchez’s wife are just a smear campaign from his opponents? What impact will this have on his leadership moving forward?

    1. LuisMartinez says

      As a political analyst, I believe the accusations against Pedro Sanchez’s wife are definitely a smear campaign orchestrated by his political opponents. It’s a common tactic used to destabilize a leader’s position. However, Sanchez’s decision to stand firm in the face of these attacks demonstrates his resilience and determination as a leader. This situation might actually strengthen his leadership moving forward, showing his supporters that he is willing to face adversity head-on.

  3. EmmaSmith82 says

    Do you think the support from the public will help Sanchez withstand the attacks from his political opponents?

    1. JohnDavis77 says

      Yes, I believe the public support plays a crucial role in bolstering Sanchez against the unwarranted attacks. It’s heartening to see the solidarity shown by thousands in Madrid. With such backing, Sanchez can weather the storm and continue leading with determination.

  4. IsabellaSmith says

    As a Spanish citizen, I believe that Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez made the right choice to stay in his position despite the unjust attacks on his wife Begona Gomez. It is important to support our leaders in times of adversity and stand against false accusations. The social mobilization in support of Sanchez shows the unity and strength of the Spanish people.

  5. Isabella_Rivera says

    It’s inspiring to see Prime Minister Sanchez standing strong against unjust attacks on his wife. His decision to continue in his role with more strength is commendable. The support shown by thousands of people reflects the impact of social mobilization in shaping political decisions.

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