Police and Pro-Palestinian Protesters Duke It Out at USC

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Pro-Palestinian protesters clash with police at University of S. California

The University of Southern California (USC), a renowned private research university located in Los Angeles, has closed its gates amid rising tensions after pro-Palestinian protesters clashed with police on Wednesday, reported Xinhua.

A growing number of protesters, including students and non-students, started a "Gaza Solidarity Occupation" at the university's Alumni Park Wednesday morning.

Organizers of the protest, The USC Divest from Death Coalition, said in a statement that they "have set up this occupation in solidarity with the people of Gaza, empowered by the actions of our peers at different campuses across the country."

"We stand here to join the nation-wide call by students for their universities to disclose their finances and endowment, to divest from Israeli violence, and to defend Palestinians and those who speak up against Zionism," added the statement.

The USC Divest from Death Coalition said it was made of USC students, staff, faculty, alumni and Los Angeles community members.

Video from local TV channels showed protesters holding their ground and confronting police officers who tried to clear the encampment of tents.

USC urged students, staff and faculty member in an alert to "continue to avoid the center of campus unless you have a class."

The university warned that there is still significant activity at the center of its main campus due to a demonstration.

"The gates are closed, so anyone coming to campus should be prepared to show an ID at the gates for class or for business," noted the university.

USC has come under fire after the university announced last week that it canceled valedictorian Asna Tabassum's planned speech after pro-Palestinian posts, citing potential campus safety risks.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrations are spreading on campuses across the United States as the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza continued. Hundreds have been arrested by police amid student protests.

All classes at Columbia University in New York went virtual starting on Monday as divisive demonstrations and debates around the conflict heated up on campus recently. According to media reports, students from Yale University, New York University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Michigan, the University of North Carolina, Brown University, and other universities also staged encampments in solidarity with their peers at Columbia University.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. Julie1990 says

    Do you think the university is taking the right measures to handle the situation with the protesters?

    1. Emily1985 says

      As an alumna of USC, I believe the university should prioritize open dialogue and peaceful resolution in handling the protesters. It’s essential to address grievances constructively and uphold everyone’s right to free expression.

  2. EmilySmith01 says

    As an alumna of USC, I believe in the right to peaceful protest but clashing with the police is never the solution. It’s important to find constructive ways to advocate for causes without resorting to violence. I hope for a peaceful resolution to this tense situation.

  3. EmmaJohnson says

    As tensions rise between pro-Palestinian protesters and the police at USC, it’s crucial to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Dialogue and peaceful resolution should be prioritized to navigate through this challenging situation.

  4. EmilySmith says

    As an alumna of USC, I find it concerning to see such violent clashes happening on our campus. It is important for all parties involved to engage in peaceful dialogue and find constructive ways to address their grievances.

  5. AlexandraSmith87 says

    As a USC alumna, I believe in the right to peaceful protest, but clashes with the police only escalate tensions. It’s crucial for both sides to engage in dialogue and find common ground to address the issues at hand.

  6. EmilyCares87 says

    What were the specific demands of the protesters and how has the university responded to their occupation?

    1. JohnSmith83 says

      The demands of the protesters included calling on the university to disclose their finances, divest from Israeli violence, and stand against Zionism. The university responded by closing its gates and urging students to avoid the center of campus due to the ongoing demonstration.

  7. EmilySmith_89 says

    Do you think the clash between the pro-Palestinian protesters and the police could have been handled differently to prevent the escalation of tensions at USC?

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