Poland not to accept migrants under new EU pact: PM

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Poland not to accept migrants under new EU pact: PM

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said on Tuesday that "Poland will not accept any migrants" under the newly adopted European Union's (EU) pact on migration and asylum, reported Xinhua.

Tusk told a press conference after a meeting of the Council of Ministers that his government voted against the pact. He said the pact "adopted in this form, as today, gives Poland the opportunity to avoid any negative consequences. Poland will become a beneficiary of the pact."

He stressed that Poland, which has taken in hundreds of thousands of migrants, will not be obliged to accept further migrants, and the EU will not impose any migrant quotas on Poland.

The prime minister also said that his country will effectively enforce financial support from the EU in relation to hosting migrants from the bloc's eastern neighbors.

Ten legislative acts which reform the European framework for asylum and migration management were adopted by member states on Tuesday. The new pact seeks tougher borders and shared responsibility for asylum seekers among the EU members.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. SamanthaH says

    I completely understand Poland’s decision. Each country should have the right to control its own borders and make decisions on migration that align with its national interests. It’s important for Poland to prioritize the well-being of its own citizens and manage migration in a way that is sustainable for the country. The new EU pact should respect the sovereignty of each member state.

  2. EmilyJohnson82 says

    I completely agree with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s decision. Poland should have the right to determine its own migration policy and not be forced to accept more migrants. It’s important for countries to have control over who they allow in, especially considering the current global situation. The new EU pact seems to respect Poland’s sovereignty in this matter, which is a positive development.

  3. EmilyJohnson says

    It is understandable that Poland wants to protect its borders and not accept more migrants. Each country should have the right to make decisions based on its own circumstances. It’s a complex issue, but Poland’s stance is valid in ensuring its security and sovereignty.

  4. AnnaSmith says

    It’s understandable that Poland wants to protect its borders and interests, especially after taking in so many migrants in the past. Each country should have the right to decide on their own immigration policies without external pressure. It’s crucial for the EU to find a balance between solidarity and respecting the sovereignty of its member states.

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