Parliament Jumps into Uncommon Chat about Push to Prosecute MP

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MPs will vote on Friday to prosecute one of their own – but the motion needs a five-sixths majority before it will happen.

Parliament starts debate on rare MP prosecution request

Members of Parliament will begin a discussion today on whether MP Juha Mäenpää from the Finns Party can be prosecuted for comments he made in the chamber last June.

Finland’s Prosecutor General has asked the Constitutional Affairs Committee for permission to lift Mäenpää’s parliamentary immunity, after he compared asylum seekers to an invasive species, and last week the committee voted 12-5 to allow MPs to vote on the matter.

Three Finns Party MPs and two National Coalition Party MPs voted against the motion at committee stage but the majority carried it.

However, under the constitution any move to lift an MP’s immunity needs the green light from five-sixths of all MPs and so the Finns Party on their own, voting as a block on Friday, could stop it from happening.

They’re going to receive more support with both the National Coalition Party and Centre Party giving their MPs a free vote on the matter – with several politicians already indicating they’ll side with the Finns Party, as the Christian Democrats have also said.

Mäenpää claims the comments he made about asylum seekers were spontaneous, and don’t rise to the level of criminal hate speech.


  1. EmilySmith87 says

    It’s concerning that a member of Parliament would make such derogatory comments. MPs have a responsibility to represent all citizens with respect and dignity. Hopefully, the majority will vote to lift his immunity and hold him accountable for his words.

  2. EmilySmith87 says

    It’s concerning that politicians like MP Juha Mäenpää are making such inflammatory remarks in the chamber. Hate speech has no place in parliamentary discussions, and it’s important for the five-sixths majority to come together to ensure accountability for his actions.

  3. LindsaySmith says

    It is concerning to see a member of Parliament making such offensive remarks. I believe MPs have a responsibility to be respectful and considerate in their words, especially when discussing sensitive topics like immigration. It’s important for the integrity of the democratic process that appropriate action is taken in this case.

  4. EmilySmith says

    As an avid follower of Finnish politics, I believe that parliamentary immunity is essential for the functioning of democracy. However, hate speech should never be tolerated, regardless of the context. MP Juha Mäenpää’s comments were unacceptable and should be subject to prosecution if they indeed incited hatred towards vulnerable groups.

  5. EmmaJohnson93 says

    It’s concerning that an elected MP would make such offensive remarks in the chamber. If they are not held accountable for their words, it sets a dangerous precedent. The decision on prosecuting MP Juha Mäenpää should be made swiftly and with strong condemnation of hate speech.

  6. SarahJohnson1985 says

    It is crucial for MPs to demonstrate accountability and uphold principles of respect and inclusivity. If Juha Mäenpää’s comments are deemed as hate speech, then it is important for the appropriate actions to be taken to address such behavior.

  7. RebeccaSmith1987 says

    As a citizen, I believe it’s crucial for MPs to face accountability for their words and actions. If Juha Mäenpää’s comments were indeed harmful and discriminatory, then it’s only fair for the legal process to proceed accordingly. Parliamentary immunity should not be a shield for promoting hate speech.

  8. EmilySmith22 says

    Do you think the motion to prosecute MP Juha Mäenpää will actually pass with a five-sixths majority vote? It seems like there could be significant opposition from certain parties.

    1. JohnDoe89 says

      It will be a challenging vote as political alliances play a crucial role in such decisions. With key parties expressing support for the Finns Party, the outcome remains uncertain.

  9. EmilyR says

    As a Finnish citizen, I believe that MPs have a responsibility to uphold ethical standards and ensure respectful discourse in the parliament. It is concerning to see such harmful comments being made by an elected official. I hope that the motion to prosecute MP Juha Mäenpää gains the necessary support for justice to prevail.

  10. Kate Smith says

    In my opinion, it is crucial for MPs to hold each other accountable for their words and actions. The motion to prosecute MP Juha Mäenpää should be supported, as hate speech has no place in our political discourse.

  11. EmmaSmith87 says

    It’s concerning that a Member of Parliament would compare asylum seekers to an invasive species. I believe that MPs have a responsibility to uphold decency and respect in their words and actions.

  12. EmilyMiller72 says

    It’s crucial that MPs take responsibility for their words and actions. If a member of parliament engages in hate speech, they must be held accountable. Let’s hope the majority makes the right decision in this vote.

  13. EmilySmith93 says

    It is crucial for MPs to take a strong stance against hate speech, regardless of political allegiances. Allowing such harmful rhetoric to go unchecked sets a dangerous precedent for our society. I hope the majority of MPs will prioritize justice and accountability in their decision-making process.

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