The death toll in Gaza climbs to a staggering 34,305 due to Israeli attacks

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Palestinian death toll from Israeli attacks on Gaza rises to 34,305

The Palestinian death toll in the Gaza Strip from ongoing Israeli attacks has risen to 34,305, the Hamas-run Health Ministry said on Thursday, reported Xinhua.

In a press statement, the ministry said that the Israeli army killed 43 Palestinians and wounded 64 others during the past 24 hours, bringing the total death toll to 34,305 and injuries to 77,293 since the Israel-Hamas conflict broke out on Oct. 7, 2023.

The ministry added that there are still many victims trapped under the rubble, and the devastation of infrastructure has impeded the rescue teams to reach them.

Meanwhile, the Hamas-run government media office said on Thursday that a journalist was killed by an Israeli airstrike in Rafah on Thursday, bringing the number of Palestinian journalists killed in Gaza since last October to 141.

Avichay Adraee, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)'s Arabic-language spokesman, said on social platform X on Thursday that the IDF attacked more than 30 targets across the strip over the past 24 hours, including warehouses, military buildings, and other infrastructure.

Israel has been launching a large-scale offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip to retaliate against a Hamas rampage through the southern Israeli border on Oct. 7, 2023, during which about 1,200 people were killed and more than 200 were taken hostage.


  1. EmmaJohnson78 says

    How is the international community responding to the escalating Palestinian death toll in Gaza? Is there any effort being made to address the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the region?

    1. DavidSmith92 says

      It is disheartening to witness the tragic escalation of violence in Gaza. The international community needs to step up and take immediate action to address the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the region. Every life lost is a reminder of the urgent need for peace and stability. Our thoughts are with the innocent victims caught in the crossfire.

  2. Rebecca_Smith says

    It’s heartbreaking to see the escalating violence in Gaza. The loss of innocent lives and the destruction of infrastructure are devastating. My thoughts are with all those affected by this conflict. Peace must be the ultimate goal.

  3. EmilySmith says

    How can the death toll be so high in Gaza? What measures are being taken to protect the civilians?

    1. MohammedAli_1990 says

      EmilySmith, the death toll in Gaza is tragically high due to the ongoing Israeli attacks, and the situation is devastating for civilians. Unfortunately, the conflict has taken a heavy toll on innocent lives, and protecting civilians remains a major challenge amidst the violence.

  4. SarahJenkins85 says

    How can the international community address the escalating violence and civilian casualties in Gaza?

    1. MichaelSmith79 says

      The international community must come together to condemn the ongoing violence and humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Immediate action needs to be taken to ensure the safety and protection of civilians, as well as to address the root causes of the conflict. Dialogue and diplomacy are crucial in finding a sustainable solution for peace and stability in the region.

  5. EmilySmith says

    How accurate is the information provided by the Hamas-run Health Ministry regarding the death toll in Gaza due to Israeli attacks?

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