Govt Cuts Refugees’ Allowances Temporarily – Hold Your Horses!

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Govt moves to reduce allowances for refugees temporarily

The government on Thursday submitted a proposal to Parliament on temporarily reducing the reception allowance and the spending allowance for the asylum seekers, said the Ministry of the Interior in a press release on Thursday.

The act would enter into force as soon as possible and remain in force until the end of 2025.

The proposal would amend the Act on the Reception of Persons Applying for International Protection and on the Identification of and Assistance to Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings (the Reception Act) to reduce the reception allowance and the spending allowance granted to applicants for international protection, beneficiaries of temporary protection and victims of human trafficking since they do not have a municipality of residence in Finland.

The amount to be reduced would depend on whether the person is living alone, living in a joint household or having sole custody of a child, or whether the person is a child.

The act would be in force temporarily. The allowance amount will be reassessed in the reform of the Reception Act to be launched during the spring.

In line with the Government Programme, the allowance will then be reduced to the minimum permitted by the Constitution and the Reception Conditions Directive.

The proposal aims to achieve savings for balancing general government finances. The proposal will be discussed in connection with the supplementary budget proposal for 2024, and it is expected to achieve savings of over EUR 16 million in 2024 and 2025.

The reception allowance is a short-term benefit granted to persons who are in need of support and cannot earn a living through gainful employment or other income or assets.

The basic amount of the allowance helps the recipients to pay for essentials such as clothing, some basic healthcare, public transport and food, if the reception centre does not provide meals.

The spending allowance is intended for children who receive full maintenance from the reception units for minors.


  1. EmilyJohnson says

    It is concerning that the government is proposing to reduce allowances for refugees. It is important to ensure that vulnerable individuals are supported adequately during their time of need. I hope that the authorities will reconsider the impact of such measures on the well-being of asylum seekers and victims of human trafficking.

  2. EmmaSmith123 says

    The government’s decision to reduce allowances for refugees is a step in the right direction towards achieving fiscal balance amidst the increasing financial challenges. It is important to review and adjust these allowances to ensure sustainability and fair distribution of resources.

  3. AnnaSmith says

    Do you believe that reducing allowances for refugees is an effective way to balance government finances?

    1. JohnDoe says

      As a journalist who has covered similar policy changes in the past, I can say that reducing allowances for refugees is a contentious issue. While it may lead to short-term financial savings, it’s crucial to consider the human impact and long-term consequences. Governments should explore a balanced approach that ensures financial stability without compromising humanitarian values.

  4. JennaSmith123 says

    Will this reduction in allowances affect the living conditions of the asylum seekers in Finland drastically?

  5. SarahJohnson82 says

    As a concerned citizen, I believe that cutting refugees’ allowances is not a sustainable solution for balancing government finances. Instead of burdening the most vulnerable individuals in our society, the government should focus on creating inclusive policies that support the integration and well-being of asylum seekers.

  6. EmilySmith21 says

    Do you think reducing refugees’ allowances will have a significant impact on their overall well-being and integration into society?

  7. Emily18 says

    In my opinion, the government’s decision to cut refugees’ allowances is short-sighted and lacks compassion. Asylum seekers and victims of human trafficking are already vulnerable populations who rely on these allowances to survive. It is disappointing to see such measures being taken, especially considering the hardships these individuals have already faced. I hope there will be a reevaluation of this policy and a more humane approach will be adopted.

  8. EmilySmith89 says

    As a taxpayer, I understand the need for government savings, but reducing allowances for asylum seekers is a concerning move. We should ensure that basic needs are met while also managing public finances effectively.

  9. EmmaSmith123 says

    What impact will this temporary reduction in allowances have on the well-being of the refugees in Finland?

  10. Amy_Lou says

    As a longtime advocate for refugees’ rights, I find the government’s decision to cut their allowances distressing. It’s crucial to provide adequate support to those in need, not further burden them with financial restrictions. I urge for a reconsideration of this policy for the well-being of asylum seekers and victims of human trafficking.

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