National Opera Ready to Take the Stage with a COVID Spin!

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The National Opera is working to bring the Finnish collective legacy during the COVID-19 pandemic to stage in late August, with the text and music of the opera "COVID van tutte" published on Tuesday, the producers told media.

The opera's title imitates "Cosi fan tutte", a classic by famous Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791). In the Finnish production, all instrumental music is from the Mozart opera while the story is about the Finnish epidemic experience — an idea from Lilli Paasikivi, the Opera's artistic director, reported Xinhua.

The opera's characters include Finnish government ministers and epidemic specialists seen on television all through the spring, the writer of the libretto, Finnish author Minna Lindgren, told the Yle radio on Tuesday. "Humour comes from the recollection of the actual events."

Lindgren hoped that the coronavirus situation in Finland in the autumn will be such that "we can already smile at these events."

Humour is "a superb tool for collective survival," she added.

Director of the production Jussi Nikkilä said the intention is not to hurt anyone's feelings, especially those who lost their friends or family during the epidemic. "And if a second wave of the epidemic hits, then the performances will be postponed," he said.

To avoid health risks, the size of the orchestra will be reduced; the length of the performance will be shorter than the Mozart original and there will be no intermission for the audience.


  1. EvaSmith says

    Will the opera “COVID van tutte” include any traditional Finnish music elements alongside Mozart’s compositions?

    1. MaxJohnson says

      Yes, EvaSmith, the opera “COVID van tutte” will incorporate traditional Finnish music elements alongside Mozart’s compositions to create a unique cultural fusion on stage. The blend of these musical styles aims to enrich the audience’s experience and narrate the Finnish epidemic story with a touch of Finnish traditional heritage woven into the opera’s fabric.

  2. EmilyJohnson1985 says

    The National Opera’s initiative to bring the Finnish epidemic experience to the stage with a humorous twist is truly commendable. It’s important to find moments of lightness and humor even in difficult times, and I believe this opera can provide a unique perspective on our shared challenges.

  3. Marta Peterson says

    The idea behind “COVID van tutte” is intriguing. It’s refreshing to see how artists are incorporating the current global situation into their work, aiming to provide both entertainment and reflection on our shared experience.

  4. EmmaSmith83 says

    “I believe using humor to reflect on the events of the pandemic can provide a collective sense of survival. It’s important to approach such sensitive topics with care and empathy, especially considering those who have suffered losses. Let’s hope for a brighter future where we can look back and smile at these events.”

  5. EmilyJohnson says

    The National Opera’s innovative approach to blending Finnish legacy with the COVID-19 pandemic narrative is truly commendable! Mixing the music of Mozart with a contemporary Finnish twist is sure to captivate audiences. It’s refreshing to see art reflecting the current reality with humor, offering a much-needed escape. Kudos to the entire team for their creative vision and sensitivity towards the unfolding situation.

  6. EmilySmith91 says

    Is the opera "COVID van tutte" aiming to provide a satirical take on the Finnish epidemic experience using Mozart’s music?

    1. MatthewWilliams84 says

      Yes, indeed, EmilySmith91. The opera "COVID van tutte" cleverly intertwines the Finnish epidemic experience with Mozart’s timeless melodies, offering a satirical yet poignant reflection on the challenging times we are living in. It’s a creative approach to blending classic music with a contemporary narrative, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of the National Opera amidst the pandemic.

  7. EmilySmith87 says

    Will the Finnish production of the opera “COVID van tutte” incorporate any traditional Finnish elements alongside the Mozart music?

    1. SamJohnson18 says

      Yes, the Finnish production of the opera “COVID van tutte” will include traditional Finnish elements to provide a unique blend with the Mozart music. This fusion aims to showcase the Finnish cultural identity in the narrative, creating a rich and diverse theatrical experience for the audience.

  8. RebeccaJones says

    I think using humor to address the pandemic through an opera is a creative approach. It can serve as a cathartic release for the audience and help in coping with the collective trauma we have experienced. Looking forward to seeing how this performance unfolds!

  9. LauraJohnson82 says

    I think it’s a bold move by the National Opera to tackle the sensitive topic of the pandemic through humor. Using art to reflect on real-life events can be a powerful way to process collective experiences. I hope the production strikes the right balance between satire and sensitivity, offering a unique perspective on the Finnish epidemic while respecting those affected by it.

  10. MiaJohnson says

    As an admirer of opera, I find the idea of merging Mozart with a COVID theme intriguing. It’s a clever way to reflect on the current situation with a touch of humor. I hope the production succeeds in balancing sensitivity and entertainment value.

  11. AliceJones87 says

    As an avid opera enthusiast, I find this innovative approach fascinating. Using humor to reflect on the challenges of the pandemic can be a healing experience for the audience. I appreciate the care taken by the director to be sensitive to those affected by the epidemic. Looking forward to witnessing this unique production!

  12. MollySmith123 says

    In my opinion, using humour to reflect on the impact of COVID-19 through the opera “COVID van tutte” is a creative and poignant way to address a challenging situation. I appreciate the approach of incorporating the Finnish epidemic experience into this production. Looking forward to seeing how this unique blend of music and storytelling unfolds on stage!

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