Kela’s Got a Brand New Baby Box Line-up for 2024 – Check it Out!

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Kela unveils 39-item baby box for 2024

The national social insurance institution- Kela on Tuesday released its maternity box for 2024 containing 39 items, said Kela in a press release.

The number of items in this year´s box is one higher than the number in the maternity box for 2023, which contained 38 items .

The baby box released in 2022 contained 43 items, the box released in 2021 contained 50 items, the box released in 2020 contained 56 items and the baby box for 2019 had 63 items.

This year, quality has once again been the most important criterion when procuring products. Kela will start distributing the 2024 edition when stocks of the 2023 edition run out. 

The aim of the maternity grant provided by Kela is to support the wellbeing of the parent and the child. Recipients of the maternity grant can choose between a maternity package and a tax-free cash benefit of EUR 170.

About two-thirds of the parents choose the maternity package.  

“First-time parents usually choose the maternity package, while the cash benefit is often chosen by parents who already have small children and products from those children’s maternity packages or by parents whose friends or family have given them products from the earlier editions of the maternity package,” said Veera Petäjä, coordinator of Kela.

Parents can see the products included in the maternity package on Kela’s maternity package page and use that information to decide whether they want the maternity package or the cash benefit.

While the range of items remains almost the same from year to year, the colours of the textiles and the number of products vary. 

Kela unveils 39-item baby box for 2024

The products in the maternity package are selected via a yearly competitive tender process. Kela tests the products to ensure their quality and safety.  

“It is important to us that the products are safe and durable. Zippers must not scratch the baby, and there must be no long pieces of loose threads, since they can wrap around the baby’s toes or fingers. Seams and snap buttons must be durable,” said Johanna Aholainen, lawyer of Kela.

Aholainen said that the package contains a book intended to strengthen the interaction between the child and the parent.

The illustration of the maternity package is called Satumetsä (Fairytale Forest). It depicts familiar forest animals in their native environment in Finnish nature. The illustration was designed by the illustrator and graphic designer Heli Hyppönen. The illustration was chosen by a public vote. 

“I am glad to see my illustration on this year’s maternity package. The illustration was inspired by different animal families roaming through Finnish nature at different times of the year. I hope that the rich illustrations and their warm atmosphere bring joy to every family,” Hyppönen said. 

The Satumetsä illustration will also adorn next year’s maternity package.


  1. AlexandraSmith87 says

    How do the products in the 2024 maternity box compare to those in previous years? Is there a notable difference in quality or variety?

    1. JohnJohnson91 says

      In comparing the products in the 2024 maternity box to those in previous years, Kela focused on ensuring consistency in quality rather than expanding the variety. While the number of items may vary annually, the emphasis remains on providing high-quality essentials for new parents. Each year’s selection is carefully curated to support the wellbeing of both the parent and the child. Thus, whether it’s 39 items in 2024, 38 in 2023, 43 in 2022, 50 in 2021, 56 in 2020, or 63 in 2019, the commitment to quality remains constant.

  2. JessicaG says

    Isn’t it interesting that the number of items in the maternity box for 2024 is one higher than the previous year? Wonder what new items have been added this time.

    1. PaulSmith says

      Yes, it’s always exciting to see what new additions are made each year. Quality seems to be the key focus, which is great for parents and babies!

  3. AmyJohnson says

    Why did the number of items in the baby box decrease compared to previous years?

    1. BenjaminSmith says

      It seems there was a slight decrease in the number of items in the baby box this year, but quality remains a top priority for Kela. Perhaps the focus is on selecting essential and high-quality items for the parents and the baby’s wellbeing.

  4. AvaSmith says

    As a new parent myself, I appreciate the effort Kela puts into providing quality products in the maternity box. It’s reassuring to know that the well-being of the parent and child is a top priority for them. The variety of options between the maternity package and cash benefit caters to different needs, making the process more flexible for families.

  5. EmilySmith says

    As a new parent, I appreciate the effort Kela puts into ensuring the quality of the items in the maternity box each year. It’s great to have options like the maternity package or cash benefit, depending on the family’s needs and situation.

  6. LindaSmith83 says

    It’s great to see Kela continuing to enhance the baby box year after year. I believe providing quality products is essential for supporting new parents and their babies. The increase in items from the previous year shows a dedication to improving the overall experience. Kudos to Kela for their commitment to the wellbeing of families!

  7. Megan_Smith says

    Is there any specific reason for the decrease in the number of items in the maternity box compared to the previous years?

    1. EmilyJohnson says

      There is actually an increase in the number of items in the maternity box for 2024 compared to the 2023 edition. Kela’s emphasis on quality continues to be the top priority in selecting products for the box.

  8. AshleySmith87 says

    It’s great to see Kela continuing to enhance the baby box every year. Quality should always be the top priority when it comes to products for newborns and new parents. I appreciate the options provided to support the wellbeing of both parent and child.

  9. EmilySmith_27 says

    Why has the number of items decreased from the previous years? Is there a specific reason for this change?

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