Uh-oh! Finn Economy Takes a Hit with Crazy High Rates: Nordea Reports

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High interest rate sends Finnish economy into recession: Nordea

High interest rates have sent the Finnish economy into a recession, making it one of the poorest performers in Europe in 2023, said Nordea Bank, the largest bank in the Nordic countries.

While the housing market is in the doldrums, the inflation problem is gone, and the labour market is steady.

As purchasing power improves and global demand picks up, Nordea expected that the economy would start to grow again next year.

The Nordic economies are showing some divergence. Norway and Denmark are on solid footing, while Sweden is stabilising and expected to recover further when interest rates begin to fall.

Economic growth has lost steam in Finland, which remains in a recession.

The Danish economy continues to expand, largely driven by the pharmaceutical sector. Employment is increasing, and unemployment remains low.

Nordea expected that the solid growth to continue in the coming years as households benefit from positive real wage growth. However, the construction sector and housing market face challenges.

Economic activity is expected to pick up in Norway and unemployment to stay at a low level.

Persistent inflation, a weak NOK, high wage growth and stronger household purchasing power will put Norges Bank’s planned rate cuts on hold until next year. The NOK is still affected by geopolitical challenges and the slower pace of rate cuts abroad.

After several turbulent years, the puzzle pieces are falling into place for the Swedish economy. Household consumption will start to increase, export companies’ production will balance with demand, and inflation will stabilise at low levels. While unemployment will go up, several rate cuts from the Riksbank will pave the way for a gradual recovery.

The world economy continues to show great resilience, and a soft landing seems increasingly likely.

But strong labour markets pose a significant challenge for monetary policy as the natural interest rate is likely higher than previously assumed. In addition, the new geopolitical reality continues to pose a major risk to the growth and inflation outlook, said Helge Pedersen, Nordea Group Chief Economist.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

  1. Lena1985 says

    The high interest rates have really taken a toll on the Finnish economy, pushing it into a recession. It’s concerning to see Finland struggling while its Nordic neighbors are faring better. Let’s hope for a swift recovery in the coming year.

  2. MiaJohnson says

    With the high interest rate suffocating the Finnish economy, it’s disheartening to see the country struggling. Hopefully, with improving purchasing power and global demand, the economy will bounce back soon. It’s a relief to see countries like Norway and Denmark holding strong, while Sweden aims for recovery. Let’s hope for better days ahead for Finland.

  3. Emily_Smith says

    Is the Finnish government taking any specific measures to address the high interest rates and boost the economy out of recession?

    1. Oliver_Jones says

      It seems that the Finnish government is closely monitoring the situation and evaluating various options to tackle the high interest rates and stimulate economic growth. Let’s hope they come up with effective measures soon!

  4. AlexaJones123 says

    Are there any specific measures being taken to address the high interest rates and economic challenges in Finland?

    1. JennaWilliams456 says

      Hey AlexaJones123, from Nordea’s report, it seems that as global demand improves and purchasing power increases, the Finnish economy is expected to bounce back next year. However, the construction sector and housing market pose challenges. It’s crucial for the economy to tackle these issues effectively to stimulate growth. Let’s hope for a brighter future for Finland!

  5. EmmaSmith89 says

    It’s concerning to see the Finnish economy struggling with high rates. Let’s hope for a quick recovery and more stability in the upcoming years.

  6. MiaJohnson says

    It’s concerning to see the Finnish economy struggling due to the high interest rates. Hopefully, with improving purchasing power and global demand, the economy will recover soon. It’s interesting to see the differing performances of the Nordic countries, with Denmark’s economy expanding and Sweden expected to recover. Let’s hope for stability and growth in the coming years.

  7. EmilySmith123 says

    I believe that the Finnish economy will rebound soon as global demand picks up and purchasing power improves. It’s a tough time now, but I’m confident that things will get better in the coming year.

  8. EmmaSmith32 says

    It’s concerning to see the Finnish economy struggling with high interest rates, especially compared to the stable growth in Denmark. Hopefully, with improving purchasing power and global demand, Finland can bounce back next year. The Nordic countries’ economic divergence is quite evident, with Norway and Denmark faring better than Sweden and Finland. Let’s hope for better days ahead!

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