Finland beat Denmark to keep Ice Hockey WC dream alive

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Finland beat Denmark to keep Ice Hockey WC dream alive

Finland beat Denmark by 3 goals to 1 in the Ice Hockey World Championship 2024 in Prague, Czech Republic late Monday night.

The victory, however, yet to confirm the quarter-final for the Lions as they need at least one more point in the last group match against Switzerland on Tuesday, if Austria win against Great Britain in the schedule time in their last game on the same day.

Although the Finns dominated over the Danes from the beginning of the match and created plenty of opportunities, they failed make any score during the first and second periods.

After huge pressure from the Finns the Danish players came back strongly at the second period and continued the battle until end of the game.

Both the teams, however, seemed to score one goal each in the second period but the referees cancelled both the goals after video checks.

As the second period ended goalless draw, the Finns became more desperate in the third period and waged repeated attacks and finally Hannes Bjorninen scored at the 44th minute and took 1-0 lead for Finland followed by Rasmus Rissanen, who widened the gap within a span of less than two minutes.

Denmark players, who already created some easy opportunities but failed to score any, became more attacking and started to play empty net from 58th minute and Alexander True finally scored at the 59th minute to reduce the gap.

They continued the pressure on the Finns with empty net to level the score but Pekka Jormakka got an opportunity in the last minute and sent the puck to the goalkeeper sans post resulting 3-1 victory for the Finns.

Earlier, the Lions beat Norway by 4-1 and Great Britain by 8-0 and lost to Czech Republic on tiebreaker, 2-3 to Austria and 3-5 to Canada.


  1. EmilySmith92 says

    Did the referees cancel both goals in the second period after video checks? Can you confirm this information?

  2. LenaSmith26 says

    I truly believe that Finland showed great determination and skill in their victory against Denmark. It was a tough match, but they managed to secure the win and now have a solid chance of advancing to the quarter-finals. Go Lions!

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