Dozens join pro-Palestinian demo at Berlin university

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Dozens join pro-Palestinian demo at Berlin university

Students at Berlin's Humboldt University held a pro-Palestinian protest on Friday, as rallies against Israel's military actions in Gaza continued at university campuses across the United States and Britain, reported dpa.

About 90 people demonstrated in the inner courtyard of the campus in Berlin's city centre at midday in an unannounced sit-in, according to the police.

Other supporters were in front of the building, totalling around 150 people. Many of the predominantly young people wore a keffiyeh, a checkered scarf that has become a sign of Palestinian solidarity.

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty," was written on one sign.

Another read, "From the Spree to overseas the people will rise in solidarity," referring to Berlin's Spree river.

The chant "Viva Palestina" (long live Palestine) could also be heard.

The president of the university, Julia von Blumenthal, was on site and in dialogue with the protesters.

For more than two weeks, there have been protests at numerous universities in the United States against the Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip and in solidarity with the Palestinians living there.

According to media reports, 2,000 people have been detained in this context. The protests are mostly centred around the demand for universities and companies to cut financial ties with Israel.

Critics accuse the radical part of the protest movement in particular of anti-Semitism and trivializing the terrorist organization Hamas.

Students have also recently occupied university campuses across Britain in protest against the war in Gaza.


  1. CharlieSmith123 says

    Do you think the pro-Palestinian protests at universities will have a significant impact on policies towards Israel?

    1. SophiaJohnson89 says

      It’s difficult to predict the exact impact, but raising awareness and mobilizing support are crucial steps towards influencing policies. Protests at universities serve as a platform to voice dissent and push for change. The pressure from these demonstrations can contribute to shaping public opinion and eventually influence decision-makers.

  2. EmilySmith_95 says

    Do you think the university president’s dialogue with the protesters will lead to any concrete actions being taken in support of the Palestinian cause?

    1. ConnorJohnson_88 says

      It’s commendable that the university president engaged in dialogue with the protesters. Hopefully, this interaction will foster understanding and prompt tangible actions to support the Palestinian cause.

  3. EmilyJohnson says

    As a supporter of Palestinian rights, I believe that peaceful demonstrations like these are crucial to raise awareness about the unjust situation in Gaza. It is heartening to see young people standing in solidarity and calling for a change in policies that perpetuate suffering. Let’s continue to advocate for justice and peace for all.

  4. EmilyDavis says

    As an advocate for human rights, I believe it is crucial to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for justice. The peaceful protest at Humboldt University exemplifies the power of collective action to bring attention to the grave injustices faced by Palestinians. It’s heartening to see young individuals raising their voices for a just cause. Let’s continue to support the call for justice and equality for all.

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